10-day Northwest Vietnam motorbike tour

10-day Northwest Vietnam motorbike tour is one of the best motorbike tours when you come to Vietnam. Let’s try reading the itinerary we designed.

Guided Tour
10 Days / 9 Nights


10-day Northwest Vietnam motorbike tour


Northwest Vietnam, home to the majority of Vietnam's ethnic groups, is known for its high mountains, picturesque passes, and breathtaking terrace farms, and is always the finest place for bikers to go motorbike touring in Vietnam. This 10-day northwest Vietnam motorbike tour is designed for those who want to see the beauty of the highlands in the northwest, such as Mai Chau Valley, Sa Pa, Son La, and Thac Ba Lake. In north Vietnam, these are almost exceptional locations. It is one of our most popular Northern Vietnam motorcycle tours.

10-day Northwest Vietnam motorbike tour

Detailed Tour

Day 1: Hanoi to Mai Chau (distance 160km)

Starting from the western suburbs of Hanoi, the Northwest Motorbike Tour allows you to escape the madness of city traffic. After two hours of riding, we will arrive at the mountain area, where we will have a wonderful time taking in the beautiful scenery of Halong Bay from the land, with rice terraces nestled between limestone mountains.

Continue northwest, passing across two passes before falling into Mai Chau's lovely valley. This is a short motorcycle trip from Hanoi today, but it should be one of the greatest in north Vietnam. We'll arrive in Mai Chau Valley at 5 p.m. and spend the night in a traditional home on stilts with friends from the White Thai minority. After dining, we may enjoy a cultural display of Thai dancing and a variety of distinctive local liquors in the evening. 

In Mai Chau, we will spend a night in a homestay.

Hanoi to Mai Chau (distance 160km)

Day 2: Mai Chau to Phu Yen.  (distance 140 km)

Today is a day for us to unwind. We may start the day with a leisurely stroll about the village or relax at a local café on the stilt-house, taking in the tranquility of the countryside and watching the locals go about their everyday lives. We ride in the direction of Moc Chau after saying our goodbyes to the Thai people and turn onto the less trafficked Road 43 that leads to the Da River. We ride on a lovely winding route till Phu Yen after crossing the Da river reservoir at Van Yen ferry. The road is along the Da river lake, between the river lake and mountains, so it gives wonderful views, similar to a motorbike tour on the coastal highways of central Vietnam. This is the most straightforward and pleasurable motorbike tour in North Vietnam. At 4:30 p.m., we arrive at Phu Yen town.

Staying in a hotel in Phu Yen

Mai Chau to Phu Yen.  (distance 140 km)

Day 3: Phu Yen to Son La (distance 160 km.)

We approach highlands thickly populated with Black Thai people who labor on vast terraced rice fields as we continue our Northwest motorcycling touring Vietnam on the nearly deserted Road 37. The meandering route travels through numerous Thai villages and farms, providing an excellent opportunity to see rural life.

We continue over undulating hills before ascending to the cooler Son La plateau, where sugar cane is grown. This Northwest Vietnam motorbike trip to Son La is another simple ride, but it won't be dull because you'll see a lot of things that are different from the mountain views from the previous two days. 

Staying in a hotel in Son La for the night.

Phu Yen to Son La (distance 160 km.)

Day 4: Son La to Tuan Giao (distance 140 km)

After breakfast, we go northwest from Son La, passing through a series of mountain passes and densely populated Black Thai regions. Children walk to school, buffaloes are tended to by children, women sow rice seeds, and men pull the buffalo. Simply ride gently and enjoy the pleasant motorbike ride over the lush highlands on a tiny, peaceful, and twisting route. Then we arrive at the start of the extremely long and high Pha Din pass, where we may enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountains from the summit, followed by a motorbike ride down the other side on a very steep sealed road. 

Staying in a hotel in Tuan Giao for the night.

Son La to Tuan Giao (distance 140 km)

Day 5: Tuan Giao to Sin Ho (distance 180 km)

Continue northwest from Tuan Giao on the route, which goes through isolated settlements of Hmong and Thai people who live in small villages on the banks of dark green rivers and on the high mountain slopes. The road to Vietnam motorcycle climb over the high Sa Tong mountain begins after lunch beside a woodland stream. Before falling abruptly into the deep Lai Chau valley, stop at the summit for sunset. The village of Muong Lay was buried in early 2010, and we are now staying in Sin Ho, a little isolated settlement. 

Stay in a hotel in Sin Ho

Tuan Giao to Sin Ho (distance 180 km)

Day 6: Sin Ho to Sapa (distance 120 km)

As expert tour guides, we recommend that you prepare your cameras with a full battery since we will be riding over one of Vietnam's most beautiful mountain crossings, the O Qui Ho pass, and the short Sapa motorbike tour is one of the greatest motorbike rides in north Vietnam today. We'll make a beeline towards the major Fansipan Mountain range.There is also the option of taking a more difficult back path that includes multiple river crossings. The enormous mountain range dominates the route until we must eventually make a magnificent climb up from Binh Lu to the summit of Vietnam's highest road (Tram Ton heaven gate). The vista looks out over the main range for miles and miles as we cross into Lao Cai Province at almost 2,000 meters above sea level, before we descend to the steep Sa Pa valley. Sapa is where you'll spend the night.

Sin Ho to Sapa (distance 120 km)

Day 7: Recharge your battery in Sapa.

Depending on the mood of the party, we may either relax in Sa Pa town, go on excursions back to the top of Vietnam's highest pass, or take a short Sapa motorbike trip through the stunning Muong Hoa valley, which is home to terrace rice fields and colorful hill tribes. Hmong, Giay, Tay, and Dao people inhabit the entire region. Stay in Sapa for a while. After a few days of riding, a nice body massage is recommended by Vietnam motorbike tour to rejuvenate the body.

Recharge your battery in Sapa.

Day 8: Sapa Motorbike tour to Luc Yen (distance 180 Km.)

Ride down from Sapa and then through palm groves to Luc Yen, where you'll stay with a Dao family in Tay territory. It's a fantastic homestay that's characteristic of Vietnam's hill tribes, and the hosts are really kind. 

In Luc Yen, you can stay at a friend's house.

Sapa Motorbike tour to Luc Yen (distance 180 Km.)

Day 9: Luc Yen to Vu Linh (distance 80 Km.)

It's a peaceful journey down a winding road with views of the mountains and the lake. This north Vietnam motorcycle tour to Thac Ba Lake takes you nearly entirely along the lake's rough route. We arrived at the Dzao people's settlement on the Thac Ba Motorbike Thac Ba lake side about midday, having completed the motorbike trip. Following lunch, take a 2-hour boat ride around Thac Ba Lake, Vietnam's largest man-made lake. You will get the opportunity to see Halong Bay from a mountaintop.

 Luc Yen to Vu Linh (distance 80 Km.)

Day 10: Back to Hanoi (distance 180 km.)

After breakfast, we travel southeast on Highway 2 before branching off to Phu Tho, a quiet town. We follow the Red River's margin along the dike almost to its confluence with the Black River, when they will flow together to Hanoi. We've arrived at the delta plains' lowlands, as well as the primary agricultural districts of the north. Harvest season is a flurry of activity in this town. We proceed via Son Tay and then return to Hanoi along the highway after crossing the Black River by bridge. Before rush hour, finish the finest 10 day Northwest Vietnam motorbike tour.

Back to Hanoi (distance 180 km.)


A few words regarding the trip's cost, The cost of the trip is determined by the number of people who have signed up for the tour, the type of vehicle you rent, and the time of year, i.e. during tourist season. Because, according to the law of supply and demand, the price will be somewhat higher during peak tourist season, but the rise will not be considerable.

The 10-day Northwest Vietnam motorbike tour  will undoubtedly provide you with some of the most memorable experiences in Vietnam. If you would like additional information on costs or to better understand the timetable, please contact our firm at +84985333066 or visit our website at VietnamMotorbikeTour.Com. Thank you.

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