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15-day motorcycle tour in North Vietnam - entire adventure

Vietnam is a large country split into three regions: south, central, and north Vietnam. Northern Vietnam is the oldest and most traditional area of the country. In the north of Vietnam, there are three distinct regions: the Northwest, Northeast, and Delta area (Red River Delta). Both the northeast and northwest of Vietnam are hilly regions where you may observe a diverse range of ethnic groups with vibrant cultures, as well as the many natural wonders of the mountains, rice terraces, and rock plateaus... You can also quickly locate the towering mountain passes, which may provide you with a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a wonderful Vietnam motorcycle tour. This 15-day motorcycle tour in North Vietnam provides a comprehensive picture of the country's natural beauty and culture.

Detailed Agenda

Day 1: Hanoi to Mai chau (distance 170km)

At 8:00 a.m., pick up from your accommodation and travel to the launch site in the western side of Hanoi. At about 9:00 a.m., begin Hanoi motorcycle tour to Mai Chau. We will hop on the motorcycles and ride for 45 minutes to get closer to the countryside, after which we will slow down and ride on back country roads to Hoa Binh city. We'll have a fantastic trip over some magnificent routes via some hill tribal communities and a nice motorbike ride along the Da river after lunch in Hoa Binh. The highlight of the first day of the tour in North Vietnam is this. At 5 p.m., we'll arrive at Mai Chau. Staying at a Thai family's home is a unique experience.

Day 2: Mai Chau to Phu Yen (distance 150 Km)

After saying our goodbyes to the host, we continue our motorbike journey across North Vietnam to Moc Chau, renowned as Vietnam's calm and lush plateau, where we will have lunch. After lunch, we'll ride our motorcycles all the way down from 1000 meters above sea level to the foot of the mountain, where we'll take a ferry across the Da River to the other side of the mountain. Let's have a wonderful motorbike ride along the river before approaching Phu Yen; it's a lovely ride between the huge river and the mountain. It's one of the highlights of our 15-day motorcycle tour in Vietnam. We arrive in town around 5:00 p.m. and stay at the hotel for the rest of the day.

Day 3: Phu Yen to Son La (distance 180 Km)

It's a short motorbike ride to Son La; the morning trip takes you over twisting mountain passes, passing through numerous rural communities of Thai, Tay, and Muong people who grow maize, sugarcane, and green tea instead of rice, turning the mountains green as you pass. We will have lunch after the simple but enjoyable motorbike ride over the mountainous passes, and then rejoin the calm road to Son La, where we may stop at several local colorful markets to experience the local custom and learn more about the culture. Arrive in the city at 4:00 p.m., dismount, and walk a short distance to the Son La jail, where the renowned Vietnamese political prisoners were held by the French. The visit will assist you in learning more about the Indochina war/French conflict, in which North Vietnam played a key role for the French. This has to be the highlight of the Northern Vietnam motorcycle tour.

Day 4: Son La to Muong Lay (distance 190 km)

It's another lengthy ride with lots of pauses for photos and visits. Today's ride might be one of the best of this Northern Vietnam motorcycle trip, as it includes both on-road and off-road motorbike riding, with the scenery of the mountains changing with each kilometer. We will pass over the Pha Din pass, which is one of Vietnam's longest and most difficult mountain crossings. In the late afternoon, we arrive at our hotel in Muong Lay, capping off a fantastic motorbike riding day in North Vietnam.

Day 5: Muong Lay to Sin Ho to Lai Chau (distance 160 km)

We'll get back on the bike after saying our goodbyes to Muong Lay and continue enjoying the motorbike tour in North Vietnam. Following the town, a motorbike trip down the Da river will undoubtedly awaken you due to the breathtaking scenery of the limestone mountain and water.

After the river ride, we'll travel all the way up to Sin Ho town, which is located at 1500 meters above sea level, so you can imagine what a wonderful view you'll witness on the way there. In addition, we may go to the villages of the Dao, Thai, or Lu people, and if you arrive on the correct day, you might be able to witness the colorful market of the local hill tribes. We'll descend all the way down to Lai Chau after lunch in Sin Ho. It's a short trip, but it may be one of Vietnam's greatest motorcycle excursions. Finish the day in a local motel.

Day 6: Lai Chau to Sapa (distance 130 Km)

Start the short Sapa motorbike tour at 9:00 a.mWhen the mist has cleared, we may have the most pleasurable motorbike ride and the finest view of the O Qui Ho pass, which is one of North Vietnam's four longest and most scenic passes. We'll arrive in Sapa about lunchtime, and you'll have the option of taking a brief walk around Sapa or a short motorbike trip down the picturesque Muong Hoa Valley in Sapa to enjoy additional stunning views of rice terrace fields or visiting more Dao and H'mong villages. Stay at a hotel in town or in Ta Van village among the Zay people.

Day 7: Sapa Motorcycle tour To Xin Man (distance 180 km)

After saying our goodbyes to Sapa, we will get back on our bikes and ride all the way down to Lao Cai, where we will have the option of riding on a smooth road with a wonderful view of rice terrace fields or riding on the back, rough roads by some H'mong and Dzao villages. Because the trip begins in Sapa, at a height of 1600 meters above sea level, you will get a spectacular view of the mountain from any of the options. After a fantastic short motorbike tour from Sapa, we'll stop at the China border gate near Lao Cai for some hot coffee and a view of China from Vietnam. After Lao Cai, we continue our motorcycle tour of North Vietnam, traversing several mountain passes and backcountry roads to Xin Man, a peaceful village where we will spend the night.

We spend the night at a quiet hotel, recharging our batteries in preparation for the next epic motorbike trip to HaGiang.

Day 8: Xin Man to Ha Giang (distance 170 km)

This short Hagiang motorbike tour  is one of the most important days of the Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tour. Right after we start the ride, we'll undertake the challenging off-road motorbike ride to Hoang Su Phi, which is known for its magnificent terrace rice fields and bumpy rough roads. The final 30 kilometers to Ha Giang are a simple motorbike ride on a smooth road. At 5:00 p.m, We'll arrive at the hotel in Ha Giang.

Day 9: Ha Giang to Dong Van (distance 150 km)

The motorbike ride from Ha Giang to Dong Van is one of the most beautiful parts of this motorcycle tour in Vietnam; it offers one of the most beautiful views of mountains in North Vietnam, and the imposing view of the rock plateau will not disappoint any motorcyclists; we can stop to take pictures every few meters along the way. Aside from that, we may go visit some of the local hill tribes, such as the Lo Lo or the Hmong, to learn more about their culture and the challenges they face in their daily lives. At 5:00 p.m., the pleasant Ha Giang – Northern Vietnam motorbike trip will come to a close at the guest house in Dong Van.

Day 10: Dong Van to Bao Lac (distance 140 km)

After breakfast in Dong Van, we may take a walk around the town to observe the colorful market or visit some interesting historic homes built approximately 200 years ago if you arrive on weekends. At approximately 9:30 a.m., resume the Northern Vietnam motorbike trip to Dong Van; the morning ride is still on the renowned Rock plateau or the Dong Van Global Geo-Park; We'll pass via the Ma Pi Leng pass, which is one of North Vietnam's longest and most scenic passes. The motorbike journey to Bao Lac in the afternoon is nearly entirely downhill, following the Nho Que and Gam rivers. At 4:30 p.m., the lovely day comes to a close at the hotel on the river bank of Bao Lac town.

Day 11: Bao Lac to Quang Uyen (distance 170 km)

Return to the motorcycles after breakfast and begin the motorbike journey to Cao Bang in Northeast Vietnam. The trip nearly entirely takes place on mountain routes that ascend and descend, passing through several ethnic settlements. After lunch in Cao Bang, we continue our Vietnam motorcycle tour to the north of the nation, going closer and closer to the Chinese border. We'll finish the day at 5:00 p.m. at Quang Uyen town, a tranquil town surrounded by some rustic Tay and Nung villages where you may stay in a guest home or in a stilt house with a local ethic family.

Day 12: Quang Uyen to Ban Gioc to Cao Bang (distance 180 km)

Another highlight of our 15-day motorcycle tour across North Vietnam is this. After leaving Quang Uyen, we'll ride straight north to the Vietnam-China border, where we'll see the most magnificent waterfall in Vietnam, Ban Gioc. We'll try some off-road riding near the waterfall after lunch at the falls. snapping photos of breathtaking landscape or swimming in a beautiful pool fed by the Ban Gioc waterfall's pure water. After saying our goodbyes to the Ban Gioc waterfall, we'll take a motorbike ride back to Cao Bang city, where we'll spend the night in a hotel. The motorbike journey from the fall to Cao Bang provides a spectacular mountain view; the route is not very steep, but it is peaceful and distinct from the roads we have previously traveled. It is without a doubt one of the highlights of our Vietnam motorbike tour.

Day 13: Cao Bang to Ba Be (distance 150 km)

The tour's second day is simple and relaxed. After breakfast in the hotel, get back on the bike and continue the motorbike ride through North Vietnam to Ba Be Ba Be Lakelake. The ride is almost entirely on smooth roads until we get close to the lake, at which point we must slow down and ride on a narrow, bumpy road while taking in the scenery of the National park. For lunch, we'll stop in the Tay people's tranquil village. After lunch, we'll go a short distance to a local dock for a brief boat trip on Ba Be Lake, Vietnam's largest natural lake. The peaceful time on the lake after a lengthy motorbike journey in Vietnam is amazing. A swim in the lake is also an option.

Day 14: Ba Be National Park to Thac Ba Lake (distance 160 km)

We'll have a fun motorbike ride to Thac Ba Lake after breakfast with the Tay family, almost on back roads. This 15-day Vietnam motorcycle tour continues with another short and peaceful motorbike ride. To approximately 3:00 p.m., we'll arrive at the quiet village of the Dzao people, park our bikes in the village, and enjoy a boat trip around Vietnam's largest man-made lake, Thac Ba. Thac Ba lake is known as Halong bay on land because of its almost 3000 islets and emerald water. It's undoubtedly another highlight of my motorcycle trip across Northern Vietnam. Finish the day about 5:00 p.m. and spend the final night of the journey with fascinating Dzao people. 

Day 15: Back to Hanoi (distance 180 km)

We'll end our North Vietnam motorcycle trip with a brief off-road motorbike ride through the villages surrounding the lakes, attempting to stay as far away from the main roads as possible. We'll return to Hanoi along the twisting dike route along the Red River after reaching the city. At 4:00 p.mThe epic 15-day Vietnam motorbike tour will come to a conclusion in Hanoi.


Tour for individual group: 200 USD / Day

Tour for 2 people: 150 USD / Day / Person

Tour for 3 people: 140 USD / Day / Person

Tour for groups of 4-10 people: 130 USD / Day / Person

A few words regarding the trip's cost, The cost of the trip is determined by the number of people who have signed up for the tour, the type of vehicle you rent, and the time of year, i.e. during tourist season. Because, according to the law of supply and demand, the price will be somewhat higher during peak tourist season, but the rise will not be considerable.

Above is the basic information about the 15-day motorcycle tour in North Vietnam  that we provide. In addition, there are many other tours with different duration and destinations. You can find more information at Vietnammotorbiketour.com or call our hotline number +84985333066. I Hope you have a nice trip.

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