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Vietnam Motorbike Tours Price

POSTED ON 07/08/2021

Vietnam has a wealth of natural tourism attractions that are both wild and spectacular. If you like riding a motorbike and want to see the sights of our country, you should join one of the many offroad Vietnam motorcycle tours available.

Traveling by motorcycle allows you to feel everything more vividly, not only by looking out the window at the beauty of nature, but also by immersing yourself in nature, catching the breeze, and comfortably capturing all of life's and people's moments everywhere you go.

Riding a motorbike around Vietnam is perhaps the greatest way to see the country's S-shaped geography, and it will be a trip you will never forget. Before embarking on motorbike tours in Vietnam, consider the following tips to guarantee that your trip is an experience rather than a hassle.

However, keep in mind that the cheapest option is not always the best; you must select renowned and high-quality services, as well as what you will receive when you participate in such trips.

Please read the following information to prevent any misunderstandings when learning about Vietnam motorbike tours prices and itinerary.

Sa Pa Motorcycle Tour: 7 Days drive you more adventure


Sapa is located in the highlands of Lao Cai province and is recognized for its poetic and beautiful natural scenery. From the city center, you can see the enormous mountain peaks, the green tint of the forest, and occasionally the clouds floating over the mountains. This 7-day motorbike tour brings you to some of Vietnam's most beautiful sights in the northwest.

You'll ride through twisting paths that are far off the beaten path, fighting muddy trails and curving steep passes with breathtaking views of the alpine landscape. There are a variety of minority groups to learn about, each with their unique culture and traditions.

Sapa cuisine is diverse, with pig skewers, whole pork parts, chicken wings, intestines, beef rolls with cabbage, beef rolls with mushrooms, salmon rolls, or more economical skewers with veggies and mushrooms…

You may visit Sapa at any time of year to fully enjoy its beauty, as each season provides new attractions that make it impossible for visitors to stay away.

Price: From $130

Ha Giang Motorbike Tour - Vietnam Northeast motorcycle tour


If Sapa motorcycle tours depict the magical beauty of ripe rice terraces reaching over high heels, Ha Giang motorcycle tours convey the range of feelings experienced when riding Vietnam's most dangerous highways. When riding over the hills of Ha Giang, located at a height of about 1200 meters above sea level in the northeast of Vietnam, where there are spectacular mountain ranges, any traveller will be astonished. You might be awestruck by nature's splendor or immerse yourself in a diverse cultural identity. Ha Giang is a fantastic place to visit on a Vietnam dirt bike tour. Visitors on a Ha Giang tour will be able to experience the region's poetic beauty, which includes sky-high mountains and many rivers and streams, as they go to the country's highest point.

Nature has endowed Ha Giang with a charm and beauty that no other location can equal. Ha Giang is noted for its buckwheat blossom season, which is marked by purple hills, in the early winter.

Price: From $130

Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tours - see nature and learn about Vietnamese history


The Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorbike Tours, also known as Truong Son Road, is a 3183-kilometer route that passes through 28 provinces and towns, each of which has its own distinct Vietnamese culture. In just 12 days, riding a motorbike with the Motorcycle team, we will take you to the most breathtaking vistas in both the north and center areas.

North Vietnam will astound you with its enormous mountain range; you'll get the chance to traverse some of Vietnam's most dangerous routes, take in breathtaking scenery, and meet kind, welcoming locals who will serve you delicious cuisine.

Traveling from the top of a high mountain to historical sites inscribed in the heroic tradition of the Vietnamese people. Beautiful beaches are also a plus in the middle of the tour. This cross-country journey is perfect for adventurers as well as photographers who want to capture all of Vietnam's breathtaking landscapes.

Price: From $160

North Vietnam Motorbike Tour - marvelous motorbike trip in Vietnam 


Unlike motorcycle tours in the south of Vietnam, which generally offer flat terrain such as plains or ancient mountains with moderate slopes that are not suitable for dirt bike trips, motorbike tours in the north of Vietnam provide a varied range of hilly terrain. Young mountains surrounded by clouds clinging to the slope, steeped in nature, with many roads that seem to penetrate the sky. An almost two-week off-road motorbike tours in North Vietnam will give you some very unusual experiences. You will have the opportunity to go through twisting roads and across the highest passes, bringing you in close contact to nature. Furthermore, you will be strolling to some of the most beautiful and secluded spots.

The weather in the north is crisp and cold, with a distinct four-season climate that will give visitors with a wide range of colors and experiences when they visit our country's north.

Price: From $130

Conquer the Valley in 12 Days with North Vietnam Motorbike Tours


Unlike North Vietnam offroad motorcycle tours, which provide a wide range of emotions over the most adventurous roads, this tour will take you through beautiful valleys, green tea hills, and spectacular cloud-filled motorways. The path makes you feel like you're heading straight to the sky since the mountains are high and the clouds are surrounded like a fairyland. You may also visit the villages of the many ethnic groups that dwell here, learn about their culture, and sample their specialties. The Thai - in the Mai Chau Valley, for example, Thai people produce their own food to meet their daily requirements. They also help to preserve the old art of brocade fabric weaving and embroidery.

If you're interested, you may buy these handcrafted items as souvenirs. Take your time strolling through the village and conversing with the locals. During the supper, there will be Thai traditional dance and local beverages. Long motorcycle journeys must have included stops at Sapa and Ha Giang. These trips are for you if you have a lot of spare time and love exploring.

Price: From $130

Short Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tour - 3 Days will take you on an adventure of a lifetime


This motorcycle journey will take you to some of Vietnam's most well-known tourist attractions in the north. The motorcycle tour will last three days and will take you to the following places: Phu Yen - Moc Chau - Mai Chau - Hoa Binh - Ho CHi Minh road - Hanoi 

Unlike Hanoi motorbike tours that just drive around the city and its outskirts, this journey will allow you to learn more about the country's capital.

This is a three-day motorbike trip of northern Vietnam; please note the following destinations on the itinerary: 

Begin your one-of-a-kind motorbike vacation in northern Vietnam by riding to Phu Yen. Our motorbike excursions begin in the Hanoi suburbs, with the goal of staying on a quiet and narrow road for as long as possible to avoid excessive traffic. We'll be in the highlands after a 2-hour ride, with rural roads meandering through beautiful rice and tea plantations. 

We stop for lunch at Thu Cuc, a small town, after passing through a brief portion of Ba Vi National Park. 

We reach Phu Yen town at 4.30 p.m. After you've settled into your hotel, go for a short walk about the peaceful town. 

The Phu Yen Hotel is a good place to spend the night.

After breakfast at the hotel, we'll proceed on another short and enjoyable motorbike trip in Vietnam's hilly area. After leaving town, we'll take a meandering path along the Da River until we reach the Da River Wharf. Place all of the bikes aboard the boat and set off on a thrilling trip down the river's opposite side. We'll go all the way up from 300 meters to 1000 meters above sea level.

This motorbike tour in northern Vietnam will take you through some spectacular mountain scenery. On the Moc Chau plateau, we'll eat lunch. Following that, we'll go off on a wonderful Vietnam motorbike trip over a long-forgotten French road from the 1920s. We have various stunning sights along the way, as well as countless possibilities to engage with colorful and happy ethnic people.

We'll arrive in Mai Chau about 4 p.m. and spend the rest of the day wandering among white Thai villages with stilted houses or going through a rice field to see how the villagers live and learn how to grow or harvest rice. 

We also spend the night at Mai Chau.

There are several options for getting back to Hanoi from Mai Chau. We chose to use the Ho Chi Minh trail instead of returning to the old route. Ho Chi Minh trail motorbike tours promise you a unique feeling on one of Vietnam's most famous streets.

Price: From $130

Keep in mind the following points

The motorcycle tours will not include flights or transportation from the airport to your accommodation because it is not included in our itinerary. We can, however, assist you for an additional premium.

If you want to alter the mode of transportation we provide, you can pay an extra fee. A motorbike acquired at a reasonable price, of course, provides a comfortable experience.

It's important to keep in mind that the pricing of the journey varies depending on the tourist season. If you book during the tourist season, the price may be somewhat higher according to the market's supply and demand mechanism. However, the price increase will be modest. You can call us on our toll-free number for more information.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours Price

The cost of the excursion varies between 130 and 200 dollars per person. What's up with the discrepancy? Because the price is determined by the number of people who participate in the trip, if there are a large number of people, the price will be reduced. It also depends on the type of motorbike you have; a little motorcycle will be less expensive.

The cost of a lone rider excursion is $200 per person. 

A tour with a team of two riders costs from $150 per person. 

For a group of three riders, the excursion costs $140 per person. 

For a group of more than three motorbikes, the tour costs just $130 per person. 

Composition of pricing

The excursion's price includes: 

  • Honda XR150L, Honda CRF250L, and other gasoline-powered bikes are accompanied by qualified English-speaking tour guides. 
  • Quality Helmets, gloves, knee and elbow protection, as well as raincoats and trousers, are all recommended. 
  • The trip price includes all meals (breakfasts, lunches, and dinners)  
  • Accommodations on the road.
  • Both before and after the tour, hotel pick-up and drop-off are provided. 

The trip fee does not cover the following items: 

  • Medical expenditures are covered. 
  • The motorbike has been damaged. 
  • Expenses incurred due to personal responsibilities 
  • Beverage/Tips 
  • Purchasing plane tickets and obtaining a visa for Vietnam.

You may join a number of excursions to learn more about this Southeast Asian country. The motorbike tour cost of an English guide, meals, housing, motorbike rental, and other expenses are included in the reference pricing above. For more information on the excursions we provide, please visit our website Vietnammotorbiketour.com. On each page of the excursions, specific pricing will be displayed. If you're interested, please go here for more information about Vietnam motorbike tours price as well as the price breakdown. Hopefully, you will be able to get good service at a fair cost.  Have a lot of fun and learn a lot on your offroad Vietnam motorcycle tours as you explore this beautiful country. Thank you for reading. See you.


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