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The reason why we are the Top 1 Vietnam motorcycle tours company

POSTED ON 07/08/2021

Traveling to Vietnam by motorbike is becoming more and more popular in Asia with other names such as Thailand, Philippines,... however this war-torn country is gradually transforming, and has acquired outstanding achievements in the field of tourism. favored by nature, in terms of agency location, climate, mineral resources, beaches, wild mountains... Vietnam is not only beautiful but also extremely attractive. We - Vietnam motorcycle tours company have provided many trips and services for international tourists to help them easily access and admire the beauty of Vietnam.

Vietnam Motorbike Tour Cpmpany with 24/7 consulting system

Vietnam Motorbike Tour Cpmpany with 24/7 consulting system

Deployment of a 24/7 call center system to optimize the function of service provision and customer care over the phone, and promptly respond to customer inquiries and complaints about product information/ services, promotions, etc., as well as acknowledge customer's comments. WhatsApp us at +84985333066

With a team of professionally trained staff, dedicated service and a modern and secure switchboard system, Vietnam motorcycle tours company is committed to always being ready to serve, listen, support and answer customers' questions at any given time.

With a 24/7 support system, you can also request technicians to fix problems in using the service quickly and efficiently.

Through the system, you will be advised to use the service at Vietnam Motorcycle Tours more effectively because you can communicate directly with us about trip information as well as costs; Talking to Technical about the most necessary and optimal features for the service is just one click away.

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Regional Experts and Committed Assistance

Regional Experts and Committed Assistance

Our team of guides always ensure a high level of international certification. Full of the following elements:

  • Graduated from a university in tourism or higher or graduated from a college or university with another major
  • English certificate TOEFL 500 or IELTS 5.5 or TOEIC 650 or higher or other equivalent language certificates
  • No infectious diseases, no stimulants
  • Having Vietnamese nationality, having full civil acts, living in the territory of Vietnam
  • Certificate of passing a foreign language test issued by an authorized training institution

In addition to the elements of specialized qualifications, our tour guide has passion as a cultural ambassador, practical in solving situations, experienced in motorbikes and drivers to help tourists, fluent English ability to respond to guest inquiries. Not only a guide, but they will try to be a companion, so that visitors feel comfortable and easy to share.

Passion - love for the riding in Vietnam

Passion - love for the job

Off-road riding north Vietnam motorbike tours 

Any job requires passion and love for the profession, but to become an international guide they need a strong passion. A desire to become a true "Cultural Ambassador", wanting to introduce the beauties, landscapes, history, culture and people of Vietnam to friends in five continents. Not only that, the passion - love for the job also helps them always have positive emotions to overcome difficulties, always explore and be creative in the process of studying and working in the future. The passion for the profession and the desire should be created from the moment they enter the first year of the lecture hall and always maintain it throughout the working process.

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This is very important, they need to form for themselves a progressive, inquisitive, humble, sincere, always helping people... In addition, a serious, persistent, focused attitude The learning and working process also needs to be oriented right from the beginning.

Above are the basic elements required to become an international tour guide chosen by our company. These factors will be customized for each specific individual, based on the capacity and thinking of each person, the creative exploration from learners with a progressive attitude, always learning, cultivating knowledge and skills to more and more perfect.

Excellent Lodging

The hotels that we choose to cooperate in the tours are all high quality hotels, fully equipped, beautiful scenery, and delicious food. 

  • Surely your room will ensure privacy and comfort.
  • Most do not have the necessary items for you such as towels, soap, brushes, combs, dryers. (some places it may be, but most don't). You will not have to prepare everything when backpacking..
  • Security is good but even so you need to be careful because being careful is never enough

Generally, all costs for your accommodation will be included in the fare. So you don't have to worry about accommodation. We will surely bring you the most relaxing moments after a long day of dirt bike tours.

Scenic Routes and Customized Itineraries

Beautiful Ha Giang

Beautiful Ha Giang

Young girl gets ready for school in Farmer's hut in Vietnam in Ha Giang province.

Adventure riders frequently choose a gorgeous and remote Northwest land as one of their must-see locations. The rice and flower seasons have arrived in the highlands, producing a stunning and interesting natural scene. Come to this location to feel basic patriotism, pride, and delight at having arrived at the conclusion of a long trip.

It is a truth that the route to Ha Giang, particularly the section from Ha Giang city to the Dong Van plateau along the Vietnam-China border, fascinates not only myself, but all travelers in Vietnam. It's the twisting Ma Pi Leng, the green Yen Minh, the zigzagging Lung Thau that resembles a long snake, and the beautiful landscape of flowering flowers all around. Motorcycle trips in Ha Giang are both a challenge and a dream.

Sapa & Northwest Vietnam suspended in the air

Sapa & Northwest Vietnam suspended in the air

Tribal costume in Mu Cang Chai rice fields on terraced in Valley

If you enjoy 'hunting clouds and drinking dew,' head straight for the 4D route linking Lai Chau and Sapa, Lao Cai. The road that runs along the slope opens out to a breathtaking view. Because the peaks here are frequently clouded, the pristine white hue is like cotton candy, giving trekkers a memorable sensation. When people come to the Northwest, they are awestruck and ecstatic to see the mountains. People are fascinated not only by the gorgeous frame, but also by the vivid colors of the clothing and the sparkling smile on the highland children's filthy face. Many festivals are hosted in the Northwest, where indigenous people's compassion, kindness, and warmth make trekkers feel at ease in the cold. With a Sapa motorbike trip, you may see the Northwest and participate in culturally significant events.

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Ba Be lake - A place of fairy

Ba Be lake - A place of fairy

Serenity BaBe Lake in Vietnam

Every year, a large number of tourists visit Ba Be Lake, the most appealing and well-known location on the Ba Be Lake motorbike tours. Bac Kan, on the other hand, has spectacular landscape, dynamic and diverse ethnic cultures, and a distinct highland cuisine.

Sitting in a boat to explore Ba Be Lake, you will be astonished by the gorgeous landscape and tranquillity of nature, which will make you forget about your troubles day after day. During your journey on Ba Be Lake, you will view wonderful sights such as Hua Ma Cave, Ao Tien tourist complex, Po Gia Mai island (Ba Gua island), Puong cave, and Dau Dang waterfall.

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Phong Nha - A moment of serenity 

Phong Nha - A moment of serenity 

Phong Nha, Ke Bang cave world heritage, Ho Chi Minh trail, Vietnam

Phong Nha - Quang Binh is known not only for caverns such as En Cave and Son Doong, but also for the tranquil landscape with green fields and towns set on beautiful limestone cliffs. Visitors can't help but be happy when they arrive at Phong Nha and see the tranquil and gorgeous scenery, which makes them forget about their weariness from the trip.

Ho Chi Minh trail motorcycle tours

On the way to Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park in Viet Nam

The famous Ho Chi Minh Road stretches from north to south, but if you want to conquer it, the western branch is the best place to go. The spectacular beauty of the mountains and wildflowers is like an abundant supply of energy to accomplish your ambitions, despite the fact that the routes on Ho Chi Minh road are extremely isolated and hard for riders. Let us attempt to appreciate Vietnam's natural beauty.

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Can Tho Wharf Floating 

Can Tho Wharf Floating

Mekong Delta, Vietnam

It's a pity if you visited Vietnam and didn't get to see the West River. Let the girl with the conical hat - Non La and BaBa clothes sing her lovely voice to make everyone's heart flutter, loving how the silt runs on both sides of the river. I adore how the season of aromatic fruit transports people back in time. So lets check out our Mekong Delta and south loop Vietnam motorcycle tours.

Great Prices Guarantee

The following elements are included in the Vietnam motorcycle tours price: 2022-2023

Tour guides that are fluent in English and have a lot of experience

 We provide all fuel quality Honda XR150L, Honda CRF250L, and other motorcycles. Helmets, gloves, knee and elbow pads, raincoats, and pants must all be worn. 

All meals are included in the trip price (All breakfasts, lunches and dinners with local Vietnamese food), healthcare insurance, motorcycle’s repair costs, accommodation fee on your trips,...

High-quality and up-to-date Motorcycles

High-quality and up-to-date Motorcycles

Honda CRF250L

Powerful engine

Motorcycles go on a long road trip, steep roads, bumpy roads, ..so they must have a strong and stable engine. This is a note when renting a top motorbike that every backpacker cannot ignore. Powerful and stable engine will make your journey easier and uninterrupted because of vehicle breakdown.

Solid vehicle structure

The second most important thing when choosing a motorbike to go on a road trip is a solid structure, no vibration. The backpacking journey is always accompanied by high speed, strong wind and not to mention bad weather such as heavy rain. Therefore, a solid motorcycle helps you feel more secure, comfortable to increase the gas and if you fall on the road, it is okay, you can still continue the journey.

Big fuel tank

Backpacking is a long journey, if you are traveling in a densely populated area, you can still fill up with gas halfway, but if you are backpacking in the mountains, highways, where few people live, you need to choose a motorbike with a large fuel tank, make sure to get there and return safely.

Numerous Excellent TripAdvisor reviews

Analysis of Vietnam Motorbike Tour Tripadvisor reviews 

There are 480 reviews on Tripadvisor rating the quality of Vietnam Motorbike Trips from thousands of visitors who have booked tours and experienced Vietnam with us. There are 464 outstanding trip quality reviews, 18 decent reviews, one mediocre reviewer, and one terrible reviewer among the 480 total reviews. The reviewers are made up of the following nationalities: English (463), Chinese (37), Dutch (5),French (4), Vietnamese (3),...

We have served many people from Asia to the West and they all give very good reviews thanks to the dedication of the guides, staff, and service.

If you do not know what Tripsadvisor is, you can refer to it here: TripAdvisor is a website that provides unbiased travel advice from real travelers. The site is meant to be extremely useful, with a range of trip choices and planning tools. The website, in particular, has seamless linkages to a booking engine that enables customers to quickly and easily choose and purchase a hotel or tour.

We always respect and listen to the contributions of travelers to improve the trip, giving you the best experience. All your reviews will be a valuable source of information to help our company develop more. We are willing to compensate if the quality of the trip makes you unsatisfied.

We always try to create good services for our customers. Because for us, the customer is king. Ensuring the great experience of customers when participating in Vietnam motorbike tours is our mission and goal. We are proud to be the leader in the offroad Vietnam motorcycle tours and rentals industry. and we will always try to promote our strengths as well as enhance the quality of our services.

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Above are quite detailed information about the company, as well as our services. with the criterion of taking customers as the business goal. We promise to bring you the deepest feelings about Vietnam. If you want to know more about us, or motorbike tours to Vietnam, you can contact us directly or visit us at our website VietnamMotorbikeTour.Com. Our 24/7 customer care system will always listen and answer your questions. Hope to see you soon in Vietnam and experience with us. thanks for reading

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