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Vietnam motorbike tours Tripadvisor - How to Choose a Reputable and High-Quality Tour Company

POSTED ON 07/08/2021

Vietnam has a high potential for tourist growth due to its ideal geographical position, climate, and natural conditions, which include a coastline of more than 3,000 kilometers along the sea, forests, and a lush and magnificent scenery. Vietnam has over 125 beaches and is one of the top 12 nations in the world for the most gorgeous bays. Vietnam has more than 3,000 landscapes and historical sites listed as national heritage. Eight natural and cultural heritages of Vietnam recognized by UNESCO as world heritages are the central area of Thang Long Imperial Citadel, Ha Long Bay, Trang An, Citadel of the Ho Dynasty, Phong Nha National Park, Ke Bang, Hue Monument complex, Hoi An ancient town and My Son Sanctuary. Vietnam tourism is becoming more and more popular with international friends. This Southeast Asian country stretches across many latitudes, so the nature between regions is very different. Each location will give you new sensations and new stories.

A Vietnam motorbike tour or visiting Vietnam by motorbike is the best choice to experience this country. Exploring Vietnam on a motorcycle is becoming a more popular method to appreciate the country's natural and human splendor. Riding a motorcycle in Vietnam is an excellent way to rekindle your love for this S-shaped country.

Motorbike excursions are widely available in Vietnam. However, in order to secure your safety and enjoyment, you need to thoroughly investigate the details of businesses that offer reliable and high-quality excursions. This article will assist you learn more about Vietnam motorbike tours Tripadvisor.

What is Tripadvisor? What riders have said about us on Tripadvisor!

Tripadvisor is the world's largest travel website. Visitors may simply and comfortably examine, remark, and arrange journeys on the website.

The site is designed to be very useful with lots of travel options and planning features. In particular, the website has seamless links with a booking engine that makes it easy for users to choose and book a room quickly and easily.

The TripAdvisor website is considered the world's largest travel community, with over 60 million monthly visits, 44 million market members, and over 100 million reviews from actual travelers. So far, the website has been utilized by numerous countries, with more than 30 countries throughout the world using it.

Travelers use TripAdvisor to share their travel experiences, offer trip reviews, evaluate hotels, propose locations to visit, and remain at home, tasty meals,.... These shares are extremely beneficial to travelers who plan to visit that tourist spot. Those planning a trip to that location may use the real reviews to help them make a choice.

Vietnam motorbike tours Tripadvisor will have real reviews about the trip to Vietnam by motorbike, their experience of the scenery in Vietnam as well as the quality of the trip, the food and accommodation that the tour provides you. Let's analyze the quality of the tours we provide through reviews on Tripadvisor.

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Vietnam Motorbike Tours Tripadvisor  - Quality of tours we delivered

Vietnam Motorbike Tours Tripadvisor  - Quality of tours we delivered

Riding in Ha Giang, northeast Vietnam

Traveling across Vietnam on a motorcycle, witnessing stunning landscapes, beautiful mountain passes, intriguing historical artifacts, colorful, friendly, and cheerful people...makes us love our country even more and gives us an absolutely unique sensation. We'd like to take you there so you may fall in love with Vietnam! 

Vietnam Motorbike Tour is a collection of tour operators and guides with years of expertise arranging and conducting motorbike trips across the nation, including North Vietnam motorbike tours, the Central Highlands, and Ho Chi Minh Trail motorcycle tours.

After many years of riding motorbike tours with foreign visitors in Vietnam, we know where, how, and what to do to produce amazing motorcycle experiences for you. In Vietnam, we arrange a variety of guided and customized motorbike trips. We are ready and eager to do all in our power to fulfill all of your requirements so that we may embark on an adventure motorbike journey of a lifetime in Vietnam. We constantly prioritize the customer's needs. Guarantee that our clients have the greatest possible experience with our services. With the idea that the consumer is a king. The following components are always included in our tours:

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Powerful and up-to-date Honda motorcycles

Powerful and up-to-date Honda motorcycles

Fleet of Honda CRF250L

Motorcycles are a must-have item. And the vehicle's condition is our first focus when joining a Vietnam dirt bike trip . A robust and durable motorbike can assist you in crossing challenging terrain such as hills, country roads, and so on.

Some salient features about each line of scooters, you can make a more accurate choice when going on a trip.

Recommended Vietnam Motorbike Tours and Rentals in Hanoi 2022-2023

- Accelerator Motorbike:

Advantages: easy to control, less likely to get dirty water on your feet when going through puddles on the road, and especially a large trunk, can hold many necessary items for a trip.

Cons: Using a belt and a stepless gearbox, the ability to climb steep hills is quite weak, the user cannot actively increase or decrease the vehicle's gear. Maintenance is more complicated than digital cars, high maintenance costs, quite fuel consumption, especially with old scooters.

- Brake pedal bike:

Advantages: can actively increase or decrease the number when necessary. Easy maintenance, save fuel.

Cons: Most digital cars have small trunks, not too much space to store items when traveling

- Hand-clutch motorcycle:

Advantages: actively increase and decrease the gear and intervene in the clutch, so that it is possible to perform techniques of clutching and disconnecting while running.

One advantage of a manual clutch bike with a front fuel tank is the ability to hold a lot of gasoline. On average, motorbikes can hold 7-12 liters of gasoline, enough to make a long journey.

Cons: Most manual scooters do not have a trunk or the trunk is very small. So to be able to carry a lot of things, you have to attach an extra bag, or put it in a backpack and tie it in the back of the motorcycle. The clutch bike has a higher fuel consumption level than the manual one. In addition, because the driving technique is more complicated than the other two ones, if for some reason you can't drive, while your companion has never driven a clutch, it's a disaster! At that time, it is possible that the other person will drive in a "jerk" style, or load the front of the motorbike too!

Vietnam Motorbike Tours Tripadvisor  - Which motorbike is suitable for traveling?

Vietnam Motorbike Tours Tripadvisor  - Which motorbike is suitable for traveling?

We use all Honda trail bikes from 150cc and 250cc for touring in Vietnam. It's so reliable!

Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose the right motorcycle for you, as long as the motorbike is in good working condition, well maintained by you before each trip. We use 100% Honda trail bikes for touring such as Honda XR150cc and Honda CRF250L.

In fact, for the local, it is the popular, easy-to-operate and easy-to-repair bikes like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki.. that are the best backpacking vehicles for offroad Vietnam motorbike tours. Because if there is a breakdown, it is easy for you to fix it yourself or find a place to fix it, and if the driver can't drive, you can co-drive. In addition, these bikes have a moderate level of "eating" gas, so it will help you save money.

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Vietnam Motorbike Tours Tripadvisor - Professional and experienced team

Vietnam Motorbike Tours Tripadvisor - Professional and experienced team

Tu guide is fixing the handle bar after bike dropped down!

To guarantee that you have the greatest experience possible, we give first preference to a tour guide with a professional working style, extensive experience, excellent conduct, presenting ability, and good foreign language abilities.

If you have never ridden a motorbike or are surprised by the roads of Vietnam. Our guide will help you through that. When you go to a new land, they will introduce you to information about the land, its history, the customs and habits of the people there. If you have any issues, such as a breakdown or flat tires, the guide will be there to assist you. They are usually optimistic and encouraging in order to make you feel like brothers, making it simple for you to ask questions about anything you don't understand. Or you want someone to share life stories with, they will still be willing and sometimes give you useful advice. With great English skills, they can readily communicate and explain their thoughts to you, so don't be concerned about missing information. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to inquire; we are always pleased to help. We choose people who have professional ethics as well as put the safety of customers first. If you are 100% new rider, then highly recommend automatic bike, you can control the bike easier.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours Tripadvisor  - Journey in a safe and scientific manner

Vietnam Motorbike Tours Tripadvisor  - Journey in a safe and scientific manner

Lee Pham guide with Luke, Daniel and Mike on Ha Giang single track!

Before heading out on the road

Plan your motorcycle journey, know your route, and understand your limitations. Be realistic about the length of your journey and don't commit to driving more hours per day than you've ever driven before. Allow extra time or make a list of areas you can skip if necessary.

Tires should also be in good shape and inflated properly. Tires lose pressure over time, which can compromise their performance and safety. 

Before a long motorbike trip, avoid installing any extras to your car. To avoid problems on the road, test and familiarize yourself with new equipment on short trips.

Never depart on a journey without a full tank of gas and a sufficient supply of oil. Consider taking some oil with you if your automobile requires it or prefers it over gas.

Clean both the inside and outside of your windshield, and make sure you have a pair of sunglasses or driving glasses on hand. Maintain a clear and concentrated gaze on the road.

Check the weather and traffic conditions in each city and town along your journey to see what to anticipate or make other arrangements.

It is not a good idea to drink and drive. Not even a smidgeon. Please give the keys over to someone else if you do.

All of the following criteria are aimed at making the journey as safe and scientific as possible. In addition, to provide you with the finest experiences, our adventure will take you to undiscovered regions and routes.

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Vietnam Motorbike Tours Tripadvisor - Excellent Value for what you pay

Vietnam Motorbike Tours Tripadvisor - Excellent Value for what you pay

Excellent Vietnamese meal in Mai Chau homestay

Here we mean your satisfaction with what you spend. You will not be disappointed by Vietnam's natural landscape or our service. The price will include breakfast, lunch and dinner. The traditional Vietnamese delicacies will undoubtedly bring back memories. We will organize lodging for you along the journey to guarantee that you have the greatest experience possible and that you can recover after a hard day on the road. 

Raincoats, waterproof storage bags, spacious saddle bags, and waterproof clothing storage bags are just a few of the items available. Armoured motorbike jacket and riding pants in the Western style, Tie down using bungee cords, Permits, tolls, and entry fees, to name a few. Overnight tickets, sleeper train tickets, and motorcycle shipment are all options. We have prepared a free map, souvenir T-shirt, and hats for you.

What you pay will be completely worth your trip, giving you the experience in this country. Please consider our company if you intend to travel to Vietnam on motorbike. We strive to provide our users with the best possible experience and a positive image of Vietnam. We always supply high-quality, long-lasting, fashionable motorcycles to assure customer safety and satisfaction. Our first preference is usually for guides that have a professional working style, a lot of expertise, fluent English, good communication skills, and outstanding customer service. A cool, clean location to stay will allow you to unwind and re-energize your mind and body. One of the things that contribute to the trip's enjoyment is the opportunity to go along different routes. You will be fed delicious, reasonably priced cuisine, and the meal will be included in the tour ticket, so you will just have to pay for the drink.

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It's important to remember the things listed by Vietnam motorbike tour Tripadvisor above. You could consider our company. More information is available on our website, VietnamMotorbikeTour.com or call us on +84.945.918.688, or you can read reviews from past guests on Tripadvisor for Vietnam motorbike tours. We promise to offer you with the best possible experience in Vietnam, one that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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