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Vietnam Motorbike Tour Package 2024: To The Heart of Vietnam

POSTED ON 10/14/2023


Prepare for an unforgettable adventure as we explore northern Vietnam's pristine landscapes and rich culture with our Vietnam motorbike tour package 2024. Join me on a thrilling journey through Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba Island, and the stunning region of Sapa. 

This tour promises to immerse you in the beauty of northern Vietnam, where every turn of the road reveals breathtaking scenery and unique experiences. Come along as we share the details of our adventure through these captivating destinations.

Vietnam Motorbike Tour Package 2024: Top 2 Options

Vietnam Motorbike Tour Package 2024: Top 2 Options

Halong Bay and Cat Ba Motorcycle Tour – 4 Days

Day 1: Hanoi - Hai Phong motorbike tour 

The day kicked off at 8 AM when our adventure began. After cruising for about 15 kilometers, we arrived at the famed ceramic village of Bat Trang. The ceramics' vibrant colors stood out against traditional houses' backdrops. It was fascinating to witness the daily life of the local artisans, their hands skillfully molding clay into beautiful works of art. 

Halong Bay Cruise By Night

As we reluctantly bid farewell to Bat Trang, our journey continued northeast towards the enchanting Hai Phong city. By 3 PM, we had reached our hotel. As night descended, we settled into our cozy hotel rooms, eager to recharge for the next day's adventures. 

Day 2: Hai Phong - Cat Ba by Boat 

After a hearty breakfast in Hai Phong, we set off for Cat Ba Island in North Vietnam, making the most of the dry season. A bus ride to the wharf built anticipation, and excitement soared as we boarded a speedboat for the island. After an hour, we reached Cat Ba Island, where another boat awaited, ready to explore the captivating coral reefs of Lan Ha Bay and the southern parts of Halong Bay. 

Sunset In Halong Bay, Vietnam

We enjoyed a seafood lunch onboard amidst the natural beauty of Halong Bay. Our day was filled with sunbathing on the deck, swimming at serene beaches, and marveling at floating fishing villages. A kayaking adventure through hidden stalactite caves, illuminated by soft filtered light, left us in awe. As the day ended, our boat returned us to Cat Ba Island, a true gem of North Vietnam.

Day 3: Cat Ba Island Discovery 

Cat Ba, the crown jewel of Ha Long Bay, is a nature lover's haven. Its picturesque landscape seamlessly weaves together limestone karsts, lush forests, and pristine beaches, creating the perfect backdrop for our Vietnam motorcycle tour package. Our leisurely ride along the coastal roads led us through quaint farming villages, where oyster farms sparkled in the sun. 

As we ventured onwards, we discovered enchanting caves that whispered tales of ancient times. A lovely restaurant welcomed us along the way, providing the ideal spot for a light lunch. Amidst this ecological wonderland, the rich biodiversity harmonized seamlessly with the daily life of the locals, adding an authentic touch to our adventure. As the sun dipped below the horizon, we arrived at our beachside hotel in Cat Ba town.

Day 4: Boat trip back to Hai Phong and motorcycle tour back to Hanoi

Our Vietnam motorbike tour wrapped up with a serene morning on Cat Ba Island. With the morning sun shining, we had free time until late morning. Some of us relished the tranquil shores, while others dove into the lively atmosphere of Cat Ba town.

Room With View ( Overnight Halong Bay Cruise )

Following our trip leaders, around 10 AM, we gathered at the speed boat wharf and said goodbye to the island's natural beauty. Our boat ride back to Hai Phong was a time for reflection amidst the scenic views. In Hai Phong - a lively city, we treated ourselves to a final Vietnamese feast at a garden restaurant, relishing dishes crafted from fresh produce that perfectly captured the essence of our culinary journey. After our satisfying meal, we reunited with our motorcycles to return to Hanoi, following a familiar yet ever-changing road that brought us back to the vibrant city.

Hanoi and Sapa Motorbike Tour – 6 Days

Day 1: Hanoi - Mai Chau motorbike journey: 180 km.

Our thrilling Hanoi motorbike tour to Sapa started with a journey to Mai Chau in Northern Vietnam. Setting out around 8 AM, we escaped the city's hustle via narrow country backroads, steering clear of the busy traffic. As the day unfolded, we encountered the picturesque beauty of rural villages and the serene charm of rice fields and fruit orchards. Around midday, we paused for lunch, savoring local flavors amidst this captivating landscape. 

North Vietnam Offroad Motorbike Tour

The adventure continued as we ventured off-road, navigating the terrain with exhilaration. The day's highlight was conquering the awe-inspiring Thung Khe Pass, a gem among North Vietnam's mountain passes. Descending into the mountain valley of Mai Chau, we marveled at the stilt houses of the White Thai people, a unique architectural sight.

Day 2: Mai Chau - Phu Yen motorcycle trip: 160 km.

Our Day 2 was a highlight of our Vietnam dirtbike tour package. We traversed quiet country roads, relishing the beauty of the mountain range. The journey included a warm-up ride on paved roads and some delightful off-road stretches. Our day started off with a leisurely morning spin, exploring the charming village or enjoying a calming café stop. Bidding farewell to the hospitable Thai villagers, our team headed to Moc Chau. 

After conquering the scenic Hua Tat pass, a light lunch came, fueling us for more adventures. We then ventured onto the lesser-known Road 43, leading us to the picturesque Da River. Crossing the reservoir on the Van Yen ferry was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Our ride continued on winding backroads, ultimately leading us to Phu Yen. Here, we settled into our cozy hotel before heading to a wonderful dinner venue. 

Day 3: Phu Yen - Than Uyen motorcycle adventure: 220km.

Our Northwest Vietnam adventure to Than Uyen began promptly at 8 AM. Trip leaders guided us through the winding Lung Lo pass, offering breathtaking views right from the start. After leaving town, we ventured onto quiet roads, passing by lush rice farms, especially vibrant during the wet season.

Scenic Rice Terraces In Mu Cang Chai

Lunch awaited us in the charming town of Tu Le. In the second half of the day, the real adventure began with thrilling tracks through country villages, farm fields, and even duck farms. As we neared Mu Cang Chai, we were captivated by the breathtaking terrace fields, their beauty accentuated by the soft light of late afternoon. By 5 PM, we had reached Than Uyen, where a delicious dinner and a cozy hotel welcomed us, marking the perfect end to an incredible day.

Day 4: Than Uyen – Sapa motorbike tour: 150km

The day began with a leisurely ride through picturesque countryside, where lush fruit orchards and vibrant hill tribes adorned the landscape. Riding along paved roads after breakfast, we immersed ourselves in the daily life of farmers in quaint country villages. The journey allowed us to savor fresh produce and observe the hustle and bustle of life in these remote communities.

Today's highlight was conquering the magnificent Qui Ho Pass, crossing the Hoang Lien mountain range. The valley views were awe-inspiring, showcasing the true beauty of North Vietnam. By noon, we arrived in Sa Pa, a charming town in the clouds. After a delightful lunch, the afternoon was ours to explore. As fleets of bikes crisscrossed the city, we anticipated a cozy dinner and a comfortable hotel for the night.

Day 5: Motorbike ride around Sapa.

We rode smoothly along the breathtaking Muong Hoa Valley, a true gem of Vietnam with its mesmerizing terrace fields. The journey was punctuated by numerous stops, capturing the picturesque landscapes and visiting the charming villages of the Hmong, Zay, and Tay people. Each encounter provided a glimpse into their unique way of life.

We returned to Sapa for lunch, recharging for the afternoon's adventures. A short but enjoyable ride revealed the captivating Cat Cat and Ta Phin villages. Though not far from Sapa, Cat Cat offered a world of wonders, making each stop for photos and exploration a delight. At the village gates, we dismounted our bikes, guided by a local expert from Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert. 

We immersed ourselves in the traditional houses, learned about the Hmong and Dzao cultures, and captured stunning scenery on foot. As the night wore on, we mounted our bikes and returned to our hotel, reflecting on the incredible experiences of the day. Our stay in Sapa promised more adventures and discoveries.

Day 6: Motorbike Ride To The Train Station: 45 Km

Waking up in Sapa, a bittersweet realization washed over me; it was our final day of adventure. After a reviving lunch, our exhilarating motorbike journey from the highlands began. We explored the enchanting Red Dzao village, with its vivid traditional clothing leaving an indelible mark. Our stop at the Vietnamese-Chinese border gate was a poignant note on our last day.

Dinner in Lao Cai was filled with laughter and camaraderie. As I boarded the night train to Hanoi, nostalgia filled me. Arriving in Hanoi early in the morning, I hopped on a bus to my hotel, cherishing the memories of our unforgettable final day in Sapa, each moment etched deep in my heart.


Our suggested Vietnam motorbike tour package 2024 has just covered the northern part of Vietnam, and this country still has more to offer. If you love the lively vibe of cities, the Halong Bay - Cat Ba  motorcycle tour has everything to spoil you. Seeking a journey that encompasses more pristine and intact natural gems? The Hanoi - Sapa motorbike tour will do. 

Either way, excitement and adventure await! Share this blog with your fellows and gear up for an unforgettable trip!

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