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Vietnam Motorbike Tour Ho Chi Minh Trail – 11 Days - The best two-wheel adventure trip

11-day motorcycle tours that discover the north and center of Vietnam will be truly mind blowing experiences of your life. The length of this tour is perfect to see amazing scenery of the north and center of Vietnam and the colorful culture of local people. 

For that very reason, Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tours became the best Vietnam Motorbike Tours and are selected by travelers that love to travel by motorcycle not only domestically but also internationally. 

About Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Route

The Ho Chi Minh Trail is one of the most glorious witnesses of the war against America. This complex road system snakes its way through Truong Son Range Mountain. It is famous as the main road linking two regions of Vietnam during the war time to facilitate war supplies from the northern to battlefields in the south.

This is really a long trip passing through many provinces from Hanoi to Hoi An. In fact, Vietnam Motorbike Tours offers a real opportunity to experience Vietnamese and its people on two wheels.

Here is also a dreaming rail for adventure riders who want to race along the way and enjoy a magnificent view of the mountain by motorbikes.

Just join with us and let yourself experience wonders that you never imagined.

Detailed Itinerary

We will start our 11-day Vietnam motorbike adventure from Hanoi and end in Hoi An ancient town. 

Duration: 11 Days

Destination: Hanoi  - Yen Bai - Son La - Lai Chau- Hoa Binh - Quang Binh - Quang Tri - Hue - Hoi An

  • Day 1: From Hanoi to Yen Bai (Thac Ba Lake): 180km

Instead of taking you to Yen Bai on highways, the Vietnam motorbike tour company will design for you a special off-road route to Thac Ba Lake by riding a motorbike. You will spend your time joining the tour around the lake, enjoy the specialties and stay overnight.  

  • Day 2: Yen Bai to Son La (Sapa Town)-210 km

We will enjoy breakfast and have a short-motorbike riding trip to go sight-seeing near the Thac Ba lake. After that, Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert will take you to Sapa with a highlight of the North Vietnam motorbike tour.

We will have a chance to take a look at China from the Chinese-Vietnamese frontier. The most interesting of this tour is the route with a level of 1600 meters above the sea. Unlike the motorcycle ride yesterday, today's motorcycle ride could be a more challenging motorbike ride in north Vietnam.

This gives us  thousands of views to take pictures also.

  • Day 3: Son La to Lai Chau (Than Uyen): 110km

After sleeping overnight, you will enter Sapa motorcycle tours around Sapa to visit poetic villages of the mountainous ethic people to learn more about their culture and enjoy lunch in the great scenery of Muong Hoa Valley. 

In the motorcycle tours to Than Uyen from Sapa we will cross the most beautiful and longest pass in Vietnam-O Qui Ho and green tea hills.

  • Day 4: Lai Chau to Hoa Binh (Phu Yen): 220km

We will have a joyful day when we ride on the amazing route with beautiful views of terrace fields and rustic villages. This is a distinctive Northern Vietnam Motorcycle Tours. Not smooth like day 3 ride, the road of this ride will offer the best part for dirt bike tours in Vietnam with twists and turns.

You will have time to take pictures and chat with local people on the way after thrilling moments.


  • Day 5: Phu Yen to Mai Chau (Hoa Binh) 150km

This ride is one of the best parts of the Vietnam Offroad Motorbike Tours. After getting out of Sapa, Motorcycle Tours Vietnam will show you the beautiful motorbike ride along the Da river lake. After that, we will ride up and up to the Moc Chau plateau which has the famous green tea and daily farms.

We’ll make a small mountain pass to ride down to Mai Chau valley and spend the rest of the day having a short walking tour around the village of the Thai people and enjoy dinner.

  • Day 6: Hoa Bình to Nghe An (Tan Ky): 270km

On the 6th day of this trip, we will start our motorbike ride trip down to central Vietnam. After crossing the Thai villages and green tea fields on the Ho Chi Minh trail, we will keep riding on a trail along the Ma river to Tan Ky and staying overnight in a host house.

  • Day 7: Nghe An to Quang Binh (Phong Nha) 280km

We continue the Vietnam Motorbike Trip  to Phong Nha and Ke Bang National Park. The ride offers an amazing view of the limestone mountain. Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is the oldest major karst area in Asia. 

It is the biggest and also the most beautiful cave in Vietnam with the extremely massive karst landscape and underground rivers.  We can have a short boat trip along the river to go through 65km caves.

  • Day 8: Quang Binh to Quang Tri (Khe Sanh): 220km

The Vietnam motorbike tour operator will take you to Khe Sanh on the trail known as the hidden trail that runs through the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. It offers an impressive mountain view along the ride. We will get a chance to visit the museum of Khe Sanh. 

  • Day 9: Quang Tri to Hue (Vinh Moc): 180km

We will leave the Ho Chi Minh trail to ride on road No 9 and get closer to the coast of Eastern. We will pay visits to Hien Luong bridge, museum of the 17th parallel and the famous Vinh Moc tunnel. After lunch, we will have a short motorcycle tour to Hue and enjoy the rest of the day in this beautiful city. 

  • Day 10: 1 day motorcycle tours around Hue

We will have a relaxing time to experience the charm of Hue city. We can take motorcycle tours along Huong River and visit some tombs of the kings. The Hue cuisine is well-known for particular way to process and unique flavor.

  • Day 11: Hue-Hoi An: 170 kmHue-Hoi An

The last day of this Vietnam motorcycle tour north to south is a great motorbike ride along the coast. The motorbike ride across the Hai Van pass will be the best motorcycle tours and can not be passed on this route. 

We will keep riding to Hoi An ancient town with a peaceful atmosphere. Let's enjoy the last day of the trip with a Vietnam Motorbike Tour crew  in Hoi An that has an outstanding reputation for food. 

The tour price and notes

The tour price is based on NUMBER OF GUESTS (huge discount by group booking) and TYPE OF BIKES (style, kind of bike).

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