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Trying Northern Vietnam Motorcycle Tours For A New Adventure

POSTED ON 07/09/2021

From Northern Vietnam Motorcycle Tours, you can go to such northern provinces as Vinh Phuc, Ha Giang, Bac Kan, Thai Nguyen, Cao Bang, Yen Bai and so forth. On the route to the North of Vietnam, you'll cruise on weaving roads, with deep valleys and steep passes to enjoy splendid landscapes. Below are some insightful Vietnam Motorcycle Adventure Tours recommended by a lot of tourists when getting to the Northern region.

Ha Noi to Moc Chau Motorbike Tours

Ha Noi to Moc Chau Motorbike Tours

Northwest Vietnam Off-road ride

Starting your Offroad Vietnam Motorcycle Tours in Hanoi Capital, you go to the west across extensive farming lands and plenty of wings of forest with various heights. Following our plan, you can catch a sight of the most magnificent mountain pass in the North namely Thung Khe before descenting the valley settlement of Mai Chau. In this village, international visitors can share lots of special liquors like rice wines with the locals, bringing a sense of friendliness and coziness. 

In Mai Chau, it is really reasonable for you to take a short walk around in the morning, getting adapted to the local culture. Thai women are considered masterful weavers guaranteeing that there is a wide range of traditional clothes or crossbows to purchase in the central part of the village. As soon as saying goodbye to villagers, you continue your Northern Vietnam Motorcycle Tours by traveling on an off road via Hang Kia - Ba Co to Van Ho district to drop by Moc Chau. During this time, you will enjoy the breathtaking beauty of nature from terraces of corn to hutches village.

Moc Chau is well-known as the highland for the best tea throughout Vietnam. The surrounding land is home to many ethnic minority groups, including Thai, Green'Hmong, Muong, and Dao. Additionally, Moc Chau also pioneers to develop the dairy industry, with various products ranging from fresh milk to sweetened condensed milk.

Turning to road 43, towards the Da river, you will cross the reservoirs of this river at Van Yen ferry before reaching Phu Yen. The route from Hanoi to Phu Yen can be complex for some travellers, so taking guided Northern Vietnam Motorcycle tours may be the most reasonable solution.

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Mu Cang Chai to Sapa Motorcycle Routes

Mu Cang Chai to Sapa Motorcycle Routes

Paddy rice terraces in countryside area of Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai, mountain hills valley in Vietnam.

Before arriving at Mu Cang Chai, you must cross the 15-km long Dung Lo Pass, one important route in the Dien Bien Phu Campaign to transport goods, weapons and food. Mu Cang Chai is a beautiful massif, approximately as high as the Fansipan chop. It can offer you one of the most incredible beauty of nature in the North of our nation. The riding by Motorbike Vietnam will give you a feeling of challenge but very rewarding.

Travelling straight forward the Fansipan mountain ranges is considered as an interesting option for you to experience river crossings. If you want to try one stronger adventure, you can make the best efforts to climb up to the top of the highest road pass, namely Tram Ton Pass.  

Sapa Valley is situated in Lao Cai province, close to the border of China, renowned for its rugged scenery and its cultural diversity. Sapa is evaluated as the Summer Capital of the North in Vietnam. This land is a wonderful combination between the beauty of nature and the contributions of people. Registering for the North Vietnam Motorcycle Tours together with your family and your buddies on vacations. 

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Vu Linh to Ha Noi motorbike tours

Vu Linh to Ha Noi motorbike tours

Single track in north Vietnam

On road 152, turning to Phu Yen, you get an opportunity to pass through palm forests prior to reaching Vu Linh Village. This destination lies by the side of the biggest man-made lake in Vietnam with the name "Thac Ba".

Thac Ba lake owns 1331 islands and hills, accounting for an area of 23 400 ha, with the diversity of ecological environment. A striking feature for this article lake is that the water is really crystal, blue and imprinted with reflections of the view surrounding. Besides joining Northern Vietnam Motorcycle Tours, you can take a boat to explore the particularities of Vu Linh Village. Gaining a deeper insight into the exotic animals, the lifestyle of the Dao group and the way to paddle the boats can be a wonderful experience. 

Joining Off-road Vietnam Motorcycle Tours from Vu Linh to Ha Noi, you can see the lowlands of the northern mainstream agricultural areas and the delta plains. In Hanoi, you will be stuck in traffic congestion, therefore you have to be careful when riding on both large or narrow roads. Vietnam Motorbike Tours Company can suggest some famous places to visit, such as: 36 old streets, Quoc Tu Giam Temple, Thay pagoda and so on. During these tours, you should take into consideration the price of anything, limiting a waste of money and time.

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You can take a reference from local cuisines listed below to experience wonderful flavours and taste in Northern Vietnam Motorcycle Tours:

  • Ha Noi Pho
  • Lam rice
  • Stink-bugs
  • Roasted Cicada
  • Thang Co
  • Turmeric Fish with Dill
  • Rice Vermicelli with Pork, Chicken, Egg
  • Sweet Sticky Rice
  • Crab Rolls
  • BBQ Pigeon
  • Stir-Fried Pho
  • Mam Da Vegetables
  • Black Mushroom

Let's try Northern Vietnam dirtbike Tours designed by Vietnam Motorbike Tours Company for the most interesting and wonderful things. You can bring a camera to take breathtaking spots, saving every memory for your trips, recording a new limestone for yourself. Please check all prices for various motorbike tours services before enrolling at any rental system. This helps you have the best guarantee for the quality as well as your accommodation. 

This article presents some popular selections for  Northern Vietnam Motorcycle Tours, which make you a broader view about these adventure trips. Contact us through +84945918688 or leave your interaction information on website VietnamMotorbikeTour.Com to exchange more details for your trips. The Vietnam Motorbike Tours Operator hopes you will have the happiest moments with your family and relatives. 

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