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Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Tours: 7 Days From Hanoi To Ba Be

Introduction Offroad Vietnam motorbike tours fill your lungs with fresh air and your heart with unique experiences. The reason is it leads you to unpolluted and unspoiled nature and ethnic minority villages. We let loose, slowed down, learned, and loved. Let our unbiased story rekindle the ember trapped under the ashes inside you and kick the stagnancy out of your life.

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Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Tours: 7 Days From Hanoi To Ba Be

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Tours: 7 Days From Hanoi To Ba Be lake

Day 1: Hanoi - Vu Linh Motorcycle Tour

Before getting on the motorbike, our instructor thoroughly explained the traffic laws and some important safety rules. We set off on our memorable trip afterwards, following the direction of the Red River. No longer the towering high-rise buildings, the clear blue sky appeared behind the dense trees. We drove on winding roads past peaceful villages and ripe rice fields.

When the sun was about to set, we came to Vu Linh. Our vehicles moved fast to the Ngoi Tu cultural village, where the beauty of the national cultural identity. The magnificent landscape, the idyllic lifestyle and the rustic dishes of the Dao ethnic group attracted us.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Tours: 7 Days From Hanoi To Ba Be lake

Saying good bye to homestay owner then heading to Ha Giang

Day 2: Vu Linh Motorbike Route To Chieu Lau Thi (Thong Nguyen)

We moved to Ha Giang province, with our first visit being Chieu Lau Thi. This name means "nine layers of clouds" inspired by the majestic mountains at an altitude of 2400m. After two hours of strenuous climbing, we were greeted by a sea of floating clouds. In the open spaces, we zoomed down to the valleys below, surrounded by streams and mountains.

The later in the afternoon, the lower the temperature. Cold winds smacked our faces on the descent to a small village of ethnic people. Without the Internet, we took our eyes off our smartphone screens and spent time in deep conversations around the fire.

Vu Linh Motorbike Route To Chieu Lau Thi (Thong Nguyen)

Day 3: Thong Nguyen - Off-road Ha Giang Motorcycle Trip

Our adventurous spirit was again aroused in Tay Con Linh - the roof of the Northeast mountains. Despite not being the highest peak, the way up was not easy. We rode on a bumpy road with no people in sight. The cliff stood on the left side, while the right side was a deep abyss.

On the offroad vietnam motorcycle tours to conquer Tay Con Linh, we crossed the ancient Shan Tuyet tea hills. The tens of meters high trees radiated luxuriant shade with large rough stumps up to two arms.

Thong Nguyen - Off-road Ha Giang Motorcycle Trip

Day 4: Ha Giang - Dong Van Motorbike Tour

We must pass Ma Pi Leng - one of the four famous passes in Vietnam to reach Dong Van. The 20 km rugged road with dangerous twists and turns made us breathless. It was the first time in our lives that we felt fear and excitement in the same drive.

From the top, we realized the small presence of humans in front of the panorama of the Dong Van Karst Plateau and the winding Nho Que River. A contrast of gray and jade green created a magnificent ink painting endowed by Mother Nature.

The terrain got better on the way down and straight into the town. The Vuong family mansion, a massive architecture, caught our attention from afar. Located in a large area, the building consisted of small subdivisions showing simple and rustic features of folklore.

Ha Giang - Dong Van Motorbike Tour

Day 5: Dong Van - Bao Lac Motorcycle Off-road

We got up early to walk to Dong Van market near the homestay. When it was not yet sunny, ethnic people such as Mong, Tay, and Bo Y gathered and displayed local products for trade. When the participants in colorful costumes arrived, the small ancient town suddenly became bustling as a festival.

After a hearty breakfast at the fair, we went to Meo Vac town. Far away from the modern world, the habitat of many ethnic minorities took place at a slow pace. In the wooden houses nestled in the green valley, the locals preserved some of the hundreds of years old cultural traditions of their ancestors.

Dong Van - Bao Lac Motorcycle Off-road

Day 6: Bao Lac Motorbike Off-roading To Ba Be lake

The fun never ended in our Vietnam dirtbike tour because new things always knocked on our doors on a new day. Our exciting destination on day 6 is Ba Be National Park. Though our backs were aching from sitting on the motorbike for a long time, excitement ran through our body.

Pleasant winds from Vietnam's largest natural freshwater lake cooled down the harsh summer sun. The small raft floating on the water brought us to nearby islands and caves.

After returning to the shore, our motorbike trip continued to the Pac Ngoi village of the Tay tribe. From the entrance, we encountered many looms in front of traditional stilt houses. The colorful brocade fabrics fluttering in the wind created an unforgettable sight.

Bao Lac Motorbike Off-roading To Ba Be lake

Day 7: Ba Be lake - Hanoi Motorcycle Route

The last day of the Vietnam offroad motorbike tour came to our regret. We drove slowly on winding roads to Thai Nguyen for lunch. We tried to be as slow as possible to capture the endmost beautiful moments. 

Following Highway 3, we went back to the bustling capital from the peaceful villages. It was a stroke of luck that we crossed Nhat Tan Bridge before rush hour.

Ba Be lake - Hanoi Motorcycle Route


Offroad Vietnam motorbike tours are one of our best experiences since becoming an adventure racer. Whether the terrain is good or bad, we are always treated to incredible views. Try it if you do not have any plans for your upcoming trip! No moment will make you feel like a waste of time.

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