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Motorbike Tours In Vietnam 2024: Top 3 Thrilling Adventures

POSTED ON 10/05/2023


Why not participate in our motorbike tours in Vietnam 2024 to gear up for another year of thrilling adventures? Join us to explore the diverse tapestry of Vietnam's colorful culture, from traditional villages to bustling cities. Get ready for an immersive and exhilarating journey, discovering the soul of Vietnam on the back of a motorcycle.

Motorbike Tours In Vietnam 2024

Ha Giang Loop Motorbike Tours In 3 Days - Explore Northern Vietnam

Ha Giang Loop Motorbike Tours In 3 Days - Explore Northern Vietnam

Day 1: Ha Giang - Yen Minh - Dong Van Motorbike Tour

The expert guide warmly welcomed us in Ha Giang - a province in Northeast Vietnam, whisking us beyond the busy city to unveil awe-inspiring mountain vistas. We traversed Bac Sum Pass in Tam Son town, ascending the Heaven Gate for twin mountain spectacles. Progressing to Yen Minh, we had relished a delectable lunch.

The odyssey of Dong Van continues through the captivating Chin Khoanh pass, revealing the Dong Van Karst Plateau's geological wonders. Then, we visited the hill-tribe villages, explored the Chinese border, and visited the renowned northernmost viewpoint. 

The day ended with a visit to Hmong King's Palace, the former abode of the Vuong family, where we listened to history stories told by A Lu, a friendly local who takes care of this place. As evening arrived in Dong Van, a delightful dinner awaited us.

Day 2: Dong Van - Ma Pi Leng Pass - Du Gia Village Motorcycle Trip

After a hearty breakfast at the homestay, we started our Dong Van Town adventure. A seasoned motorbike guide led us through the captivating segment of the Ha Giang motorbike journey, embarking from Dong Van onto the Happiness Road, connecting Dong Van and Meo Vac towns, revealing the famed Ma Pi Leng Pass. Renowned for its formidable cliffs and mesmerizing vistas, this legendary pass is a northern marvel. 

We visited the Sky Path for the valley and Nho Que River allure, capturing the panorama. Our Vietnam motorbike tour proceeded to secluded villages like Lung Ho and Mau Due, pausing for a sumptuous lunch. Our motorbike trip in the afternoon went through the rugged mountainous winding road leading to Du Gia Village, a haven for ethnic minorities.

Our team stayed overnight in a homestay hosted by a Tay Minority family. This allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the vibrant village culture.

Day 3: Du Gia – Duong Thuong Village - Lung Khuy Cave – Ha Giang City Motorcycle Tour

We continued our amazing motorcycle adventure following a delectable breakfast. After a two-hour motorbike ride, we reached the renowned Lung Khuy cave, spanning approximately 300 meters with captivating stalactites and imaginative formations. Traversing Quan Ba town, glimpsing the fairy-like Co Tien mountain, we retraced our route through Bac Sum Pass, marking the spirited expedition's conclusion.

The final spot was Ha Giang City, ready for the onward transfer to Hanoi. As we said goodbye to our beloved guide, we all didn't want this amazing motorbike tour in Vietnam to end.

Southern Vietnam Motorcycle Tours In 5 Days

Southern Vietnam Motorcycle Tours In 5 Days

Day 1: Sai Gon - Nam Cat Tien National Park Motorcycle Route

Embarking on our 5-day Southern Vietnam motorcycle route, we set forth toward Nam Cat Tien National Park, cruising about 150 kilometers from bustling streets of Saigon. After traversing the Dong Nai River on a ferry, our team reached Tri An Lake, offering views of Vietnam's second-largest hydroelectric power plant.

Our journey led to Nam Cat Tien National Park, immersing us in the rural charm of Southern Vietnam. Upon arrival, a truck awaited to transport us through the dense jungle, culminating in a brief trek to the crocodile lake. Once the night unfolded in a forest ranger's hut, we nestled in the heart of this natural sanctuary.

Day 2: Nam Cat Tien National Park - Ta Dung Lake Motorbike Trip

Starting our day amidst the natural symphony of the forest was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was the first time we’d witnessed the sunrise in this magnificent land. We returned to yesterday's meeting point, where a waiting truck shuttled us back to the parking locale. 

Then, our motorcycle trip went on toward Da Teh, a petite township surrounded by tea and coffee plantations. As we went through the mountains, we immersed ourselves in nature's breathtaking vistas, pausing for photo opportunities.

By late afternoon, we reached the Ta Dung Lake vicinity, checking into a modest inn. Our day ended with a barbecue soirée near the lake, a remarkable conclusion to our adventures.

Day 3: Ta Dung Lake - Da Lat Motorbike Tour

Today, we continued to ferry to the opposite shore of Ta Dung Lake. As we went, the picturesque spectacle of islets adorned with pine trees mirrored in the jade-hued waters left us in awe. Then, we took a brief visit to an ethnic hamlet in Lam Ha, which preceded our Southern Vietnam motorbike tour, paving the way for the captivating Elephant Waterfall.

The 3rd day concluded with a leisurely ride through flower farms, where the allure of hydrangeas and strawflowers captivated. Upon reaching Da Lat City, our crew indulged in an evening stroll amidst tranquility and romance, a fitting end to a remarkable day for motorcyclists.

Day 4: Da Lat Motorcycle Trip

On day 4, our team explored Da Lat's diverse attractions, from Crazy House's unconventional architecture to panoramic vistas of Langbiang Mountain and the historical allure of Bao Dai Palace. Adventurous activities like kayaking or the exhilarating zip line experience were also worth trying.

At night, we enjoyed a captivating dinner at Nouveau Art Café, curated by a local chef. Every member in our team was immersed in delightful culinary experiences amidst the cozy, artistically inspired ambiance. That journey blended cultural richness and gastronomic delights in the heart of Da Lat.

Day 5: Da Lat - Nha Trang Motorcycle Tour

The last day brought us to vegetable and flower farms, coffee plantations, and hill tribe communities, allowing us to experience the local life. We even met Hung, a local who works on the coffee plantation. He showed us how to collect the coffee beans, which was very eye-opening. 

By 5 P.M., we reached vibrant Nha Trang, kissing goodbye to our 5-day Southern Vietnam motorbike trip.

Dalat To Hoi An Motorbike Trip In 5 Days

Dalat To Hoi An Motorbike Trip In 5 Days

Day 1: Dalat - Lak Lake Motorbike Route

We kick-started with a visit to the Elephant and the Pongour Waterfall, followed by a drive to the Jun villages encircling Lak Lake. In these domains reside the M'nong, a distinctive mountain tribe in Vietnam, who graciously share their traditional fishing techniques. We talked with one of the villagers who knows a little English, A Sun, about daily life in this peaceful land.

A M'nong family homestay welcomed us with a special night party. Here, we tasted delicious and mouthwatering traditional dishes of M'nong - Thut Soup. Our members can agree that it's one of the best dishes we have ever tried.

Day 2: Lak Lake - Buon Ma Thuot Motorcycle Tour

Our journey continued with a scenic drive encircling Lak Lake, winding through compelling rice terraces, enabling us to explore Elephant Village on foot. Utilizing a ferry, we traversed the river, resuming our journey along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Our pauses included visits to mountaintop tombs, shedding light on the distinctive burial customs of the M'nong community.

We ended our day by resting at a bungalow atop the Draysap waterfall in Buon Ma Thuot. As the night wore on, we got treated to a cold beverage and indulged in a delectable Vietnamese barbecue.

Day 3: Buon Ma Thuot - Kon Tum Motorbike Trip

As we continued on our adventure through the Ho Chi Minh Trail, we observed the intricate process of extracting rubber from trees. We also strolled through expenses adorned with rice paddies, cashew nut groves, and black pepper plantations.

Our today destinations also encompassed a tea estate, an encounter with a skilled blacksmith, and an exploration of the village and tombs belonging to the Jrai tribe. Our guide told us all about the history and legend of the tribe, which was very interesting.

Day 4: Kon Tum - Kham Duc Motorcycle Tour

Day 4 began with visits to a vintage French colonial church dating back to 1930, an orphanage, and traditional 'Rong' houses, alongside a stop at the historic Kon Tum prison. On the Ho Chi Minh Trail, our route meanders through significant Vietnam War landmarks like Charlie Hill, the Phoenix airfield, and a military camp affected by Agent Orange.

The crew took a midday pause at the Ngoc Hoi border with Laos preceding our motorbike tour to the village of the Triang tribe. En route to our Kham Duc abode, we navigated a river crossing via an exhilarating suspension bridge.

Day 5: Kham Duc - Hoi An Motorbike Route

It was the last day of our 5-day motorcycle adventure! We winded through the Ho Chi Minh Trail, steering towards Bahom, the enclave of the Co Tu community. Here, we immersed ourselves in the rich tapestry of Co Tu culture and customs as we explored this vibrant village. We had a short conversation with Ms. Hang, an elderly local who has lived here her whole life. She told us a wonderful story of this land, making us not want to leave.

As we were on our way to Hoi An, we encountered various delights, including impeccably conserved Cham architecture and sprawling rice fields. We even went through the esteemed Cao Dai temple, a delightful pineapple plantation (yes, there will be indulgence!), and a workshop showcasing the intricate craft of handcrafted rice paper.

The Bottom Line

As the engines quiet and the dust settles, our Motorbike tours in Vietnam 2024 bid you farewell from an incredible journey through the heat of this mesmerizing country.

Whether you conquered the legendary passes or cruised along the scenic coastlines, the memories of this adventure will linger. Also, do not forget to check our website for more thrilling motorcycle tour options!

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