Motorbike Tour North Vietnam: 15 Days For Mountains Roads

Introduction Motorbike tour North Vietnam took us to remote provinces close to the Chinese border and some unspoiled tourist spots. It was a wonderful opportunity to let loose, heal, and recharge after long days in the noisy city. We have had a long yet meaningful journey to enrich our experiences and insights. Scroll down to find out about our itinerary and let your heart decide.

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15 Days / 14 Nights


Motorbike Tour North Vietnam: 15 Days For Mountains Roads


Motorbike tour North Vietnam took us to remote provinces close to the Chinese border and some unspoiled tourist spots. It was a wonderful opportunity to let loose, heal, and recharge after long days in the noisy city. 

We have had a long yet meaningful journey to enrich our experiences and insights. Scroll down to find out about our itinerary and let your heart decide.

IntroductionH'mong people in north Vietnam

Motorbike Tour North Vietnam: Live Your Best 15 Days Ever

Day 1: Hanoi - Mau Son Motorcycle Route

Our motorcycle tour set off early to the northeast of the capital to avoid heavy traffic. We rode non-stop on National Highway 1A to reach Lang Son city. The flat and clean terrain was ideal for getting used to vehicle control and Vietnam traffic laws.

After lunch, we continued to Mau Son, the beginning of the steep slopes and sharp turns until the last days. At more than 800m in height, the weather suddenly swung between hot, cool, and cloudy. A stroll around caused us to spot some spiritual values behind the striking architecture, the name meanings of the famous sightseeing, and the local way of life.

Hanoi - Mau Son Motorcycle RouteScenic mountain view of Bac Son, Lang Son, Northeast Vietnam

Day 2: Mau Son - Ban Gioc Motorbike Route

We headed to the most remote areas of Cao Bang province - Quang Uyen town. But first, we took a short break in Dong Dang town. The tour leader expressed his admiration and respect for the Sino-Vietnamese War through stories from the past. 

The legend of the Vong Phu rock site that engraved the story of the wife and child who had been waiting for her husband during the war touched our hearts. It took a long time to reach Ban Gioc waterfall, but the magnificent water stairs quickly took over our souls instead of fatigue. It could be the highlight of northeast Vietnam motorbike tour.

Mau Son - Ban Gioc Motorbike RouteBan Gioc waterfall in Cao Bang

Day 3: Ban Gioc Motorbike Trip To Ba Be Lake

Along Highway 34, we left Cao Bang to Bac Kan. The route opened up a jaw-dropping vision blended with limestone mountains, passes, and tunnels through the mountains. The natural scenery has given us infinite strength to overcome long distances.

The roads between immense rice fields led us to Ba Be National Park. Some of my friends decided to take a deep plunge in the clear jade-green water, but I preferred strolling along the lakeshore to get as close as possible to the wildlife. Either way, we could contemplate the perfect sunset show when the golden sunshine sparkled on the vast freshwater lake.

Ban Gioc Motorbike Trip To Ba Be LakeBoating on Ba Be lake, Bac Kan

Day 4: Motorcycle Tour From Ba Be Bao Lac

A thick layer of mist covered the mountains in the distance and hovered over the lake. We must hold back our excitement to wait for the first rays of sunlight before sailing to the surrounding sights. How could this area receive so much favor? Reconstruction of ancient topography has given Ba Be Lake so many picturesque landscapes that we could not finish our exploration on time.

We returned with the motorbikes later than planned and rushed to the North. The dirt roads further delayed our movement, but they led us through small fresh streams in return. It was not until the street lights were lit that we arrived in Bao Lac.

Motorcycle Tour From Ba Be Bao LacScenic view of Cao Bang province

Day 5: Bao Lac - Meo Vac - Dong Van - Lung Cu Motorcycle Tour

We targeted many territories for our travel map; fortunately, the close distance between the destinations saved us a lot of time. In the early morning, we stopped by the Khau Vai market, where exciting trading and dating activities were carried out. Adrenalin stirred our blood vessels with this unique cultural activity and beyond. 

The motorbikes continued to roll on the Happiness Route leading to Ma Pi Leng. The twisty road with U-turns gave us goosebumps but did not dampen our excitement at the best view: the Nho Que river embracing the foot of the steep mountains. Ha Giang loop is always the most challenging part of motorbiking tours in Vietnam.

The winding roads lead you to beautiful natural landscapes

As the northernmost point of Vietnam, the Lung Cu flagpole was located the furthest away. We drove for 3 hours and then climbed hundreds of stairs to reach the landmark. The feeling of satisfaction and overwhelm choked our hearts in front of the vast space of the Northwest mountains.

Day 6: Dong Van - Ha Giang Motorbike Tour

We were ready for outstanding architectural and cultural tourist attractions from Dong Van. We made our first stop at the Hmong Royal Palace, also known as the Vuong family mansion. On a high mound, a huge architecture with cultural interference between China, France, and Hmong Vietnam caught our attention. It represented power, prosperity, and the balance between traditional and contemporary cultural values.

Like a snake scurrying through the limestone mountains, Tham Ma slope brought us back from cloud nine. Raise your vigilance against hidden bends! We couldn't let our guard down until we reached Lung Tam weaving village. Of course, the nearby Quan Ba Heaven Gate also stayed in our schedule. We were blessed to arrive just in time for a romantic sunset.

Dong Van - Ha Giang Motorbike TourAmazing Ha Giang loop motorbike tour

Day 7: Ha Giang Motorbike Trip To Xin Man

We enjoyed a late breakfast at the Vat market after traveling a bit on Highway 2. The delicious street foods satisfied our hunger and gave us plenty of energy. The young heart encouraged us to take a detour on the small roads behind the villages.

Did we regret our choice? Never. The route opened a borderless view of the terraced fields running along the mountainside. The gentle breezes flapped the rice fields as if the waves were about to hit the shore. The bracing scent of rice calmed down our hyperactive souls and brought back the beautiful memories of our childhood days.

Ha Giang Motorbike Trip To Xin ManOff-road riding in Xin Man, Ha Giang

Day 8: Ha Giang - Sapa - Xin Man Motorcycle Route

After days of rushing to conquer new lands, we slowed down to feel life through rose-colored glasses. In Bac Ha town, we took a break at a roadside cafe and observed the daily life of the locals. Some threw curious eyes at us, but when we cracked a smile, they gave us back a beam of hospitality.

That slow rhythm followed us despite some heavy traffic. The serenity in Y Linh Ho and Lao Chai Ta Van villages healed the hurt of our inner child. More than ever, we learned to look at the good sides and stay grateful for the little things that spread positive energy to us because people there still had to work their hearts out every day to make ends meet.

Ha Giang - Sapa - Xin Man Motorcycle RouteRemoted Track in north Vietnam

Day 9: Sapa By Motorbike

The tour guide recommended a leisure day in Sapa. We were initially surprised and wondered if such a long stop was worth it. However, the fulfillment filled in our bones with the indescribable charm of this dreamland. The cold air reminded us of European countries, but urbanized areas will never possess the same legendary Hoang Lien Son range and natural landscapes.

The combination of cultures of ethnic minorities increased the attractiveness of Sapa. Though it was a walk around the hotel, we came across many different communities in their colorful traditional costumes.

Sapa By MotorbikeIncredible Rice Terrace Fields in Sapa

Day 10: Motorbike Trip From Sapa To Sin Ho

We were one of the first guests to visit Cat Cat village. Though the chaotic tourist services are outside the gate, we captured the rustic lifestyle of the Hmong families when we went deep inside. In shacks halfway up the mountain, the locals still maintained their simple way of life through agriculture and traditional weaving.

O Quy Ho Pass was an obstacle on our way to Sin Ho. The long climb that was superior to previous passes drained our energy. Anyway, it was a blessing that we found Bac waterfall at the foot. The ride today could be one of the most scenic motorbike tours in Vietnam.

Motorbike Trip From Sapa To Sin HoGreat view on top of Sapa heaven gate

Day 11: Sin Ho - Dien Bien Motorbike Route

Against the flow of the Da River, we passed through the peaceful countryside. Without the skyscrapers, the view on both sides became clear of the blue sky and long, dense trees. It was a day to contemplate the heroic historical stories of the Vietnamese in Dien Bien. We visited two historical sites, the A1 hill, and the Victory Museum, where we recapped the historic battle of 1954. 

In the middle of the bustling city, we couldn't believe the bloody fighting used to take place there. Compared with the paper documents, the guide represented the story along with the artifacts that strongly hit our emotions.

Sin Ho - Dien Bien Motorbike RouteTrench warfare at A1 Hill. a famous Historic site of the battle of Dien Bien Phu in Dien Bien Phu, Vietnam.

Day 12: Dien Bien Motorcycle Route To Son La

There came a legend among the four great mountain passes in Vietnam, Pha Din. In contrast to previous full-speed climbs, we rode slowly to stay safe and listen to the war stories that continued yesterday's chapter.

From the middle of the pass, Muong Quai valley pine dominated the right view. The scene became more extensive at the peak when the rustic houses almost disappeared, and the green color of the whole sky and valley showed off the intense vitality of the universe.

Son La Prison, built during the French colonial period, put an excellent end to a flashback. The harshness of the colonial regime sent chills to our spines, but the guide warmed our hearts with his patriotism.

Dien Bien Motorcycle Route To Son La

Day 13: Son La Motorcycle Path To Moc Chau 

We started on Highway 6 and then turned onto Provincial Highway 110 to avoid the giant trucks. Unfortunately, heavy rain messed up the next 60 km of dirt road. Our team struggled to get our motorbikes out of the swamps and onto the Moc Chau Plateau.

If you go through a similar situation, do not give up, as the view from Pha Luong peak is worth your effort. On the way down, lots of great sightseeing boosted our mood. A combination of nearby landscapes, such as Son Moc Huong cave, pine forest, tea hill, and Dai Yem waterfall, relieved our tiredness.

Son La Motorcycle Path To Moc ChauFantastic ride on top peak of Ta Xua Dinosaur Spine

Day 14: Moc Chau - Pha Phuong - Mai Chau Motorbike Route

For the penultimate day, we headed to unspoiled lands normally known only to adventure racers. There was no better start to test your driving skills with S-shaped roads. The bends were so curvy that our motorbikes almost touched the ground surface.

We went straight to Hua Tat Pass, which seemed to be forgotten since Highway 6 was launched. The solitude and silence added to the mystery of the surroundings. Indeed, the creepy landscape reminded us of horror movies in the suburbs. Today could be one of the most scenic motorbike tour in northwest Vietnam.

Moc Chau - Pha Phuong - Mai Chau Motorbike Route

Day 15: Back To Hanoi

It was the last moment to keep a close distance from the wild nature. We dropped as slowly as possible to admire the Den river, Ba Khan Lake, and some majestic mountains.

We turned onto an unknown road through lush orange groves from Cao Phong district. Luong Son Market, where we stopped to shop for souvenirs, was an exit to the capital. Once the busy flow of traffic appeared on the roads, our journey finally came to an end.

Back To Hanoi


Motorbike tour North Vietnam was originally an escape from the deadlines and burdens of our lives. However, the values it leaves behind have lifted our spirits and empowered us. 

If you also struggle with the messes of work or social relationships, do not hesitate to give yourself a break with adventurous trips that offer healing in the wild. Believe us; These wonderful experiences will pour into you strong energy. Share this good read with your buddies!

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