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How to plan a Vietnam motorcycle to explore the ideal destinations in Vietnam

POSTED ON 07/19/2021

Motorcycles in Vietnam are a popular vehicle in recent years, and this means of transportation is provided by multiple brands, types, and designs. And, for recent years, based on Vietnam motorbike statistics, the number of people using large-displacement motorcycles in Vietnam has gradually increased. Exploring Vietnam on the back of a motorbike will be one of the most interesting experiences that any traveler must try at least once in life. Riding a motorbike through Vietnam is the best way to get to know the nation.

What is the most popular Motorcycle Brand To Ride in Vietnam?

What is the most popular Motorcycle Brand To Ride in Vietnam?

Honda CRF250L, the best bike for of-road riding in Vietnam!

Exploring cities, towns and villages will give you a basic understanding of the culture, but riding between them will make you feel part of it all. It’s a unique experience and with a little planning and not much money it can easily be done. We’ve enlisted everything you need to know about Vietnamese motorcycles below. Take a look! ?

In the past, due to barriers to importing procedures and taking driving license A2 tests, only few people can own a large-displacement motorbike in Vietnam. But, now, owning a large-displacement from major brands no longer remains a dream. The main reasons for the rise in the number of motorbikes, especially large-displacement bikes in Vietnam. Vietnamese also love traveling on two-wheelers. Most Vietnamese like to use sportbike and naked bike models such as Kawasaki Z800, Z1000, Honda CB750,...However, in recent years, when traveling and moving on off-road trails become trendy, adventure bikes and scooters seem to occupy the throne?

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Top Dirtbikes for Touring in Vietnam

Top Dirtbikes for Touring in Vietnam

Honda CRF250L on the single track of Ha Giang

We mostly use Honda CRF250L, KLX250L and Honda XR150L. In 2022 VietnamBikers will import some brand new CRF300L for touring in Vietnam. That could be great!

Firstly, you should consider the weather conditions Vietnam is divided into three different climate zones, and the weather can greatly depend on the time and location of the year. Some regions are better to ride in the winter months, others in the summer. Before your adventure begins, you need to decide what you are looking for and what parts of the country you want to explore.

Secondly, you need to consider and find out the route that you go there The route for many backpackers riding a motorbike from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City or vice versa has become somewhat of a rite of passage. The trip can be completed in two weeks (less if you rush) and could be a mix of white sand beaches, limestone ridges, and endless rice fields. There are a number of established routes making the trip easy and enjoyable. It is very important to find out the route before going because sometimes you can only ride a motorbike alone.

Thirdly, you should prepare your personal luggage in the most complete However, there are some notes when you travel by motorbike that you should only bring things that are really necessary to limit the bulky hindering your motorbike. The amount of clothing is obviously dependent on the length of the journey and how often you think you'll need to change. Remember that no motorbike trip in Vietnam is a clean affair. A poncho, or better yet, rain pants and a good jacket, is a necessity as heavy rains pop up sporadically across the country. A med-kit is a smart choice, as is a water bottle and larger spare gas bottle. Some travelers opt to camp, so a tent or hammock and mosquito net would need to be added, plus a blanket depending on the route and time of year.

Finally, your motorcycle is the most important thing that determines a long journey Some travelers opt to rent a more reliable bike, others opt for the allure of buying their own and then selling it at journey’s end. There’s nothing wrong with either option, just be prepared to stop more often for repairs if you purchase second-hand. There are a number of reliable companies that rent bikes for weeks or months on end. These are generally semi-automatic bikes such as Honda Waves or Honda Blades, and are far less likely to run into any real trouble. ?

The number of motorcycles at this segment sold annually increases surprisingly fast and the number of social groups also increases exponentially. It can be seen that the movement of the large-displacement Vietnam motorcycles has never been as strong as recently. Motorbikes In Vietnam, the motorbike can be understood in general as “xe gan may” meaning bikes with engines but some locals may call motorbikes “Honda” because this is the most popular brand in Vietnam.

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Honda Motorcycles Still Biggest Brand In Vietnam

Tham Ma slope in Ha Giang, one of the greatest windy trail in north Vietnam

For us, of course Honda trail bike XR150cc and Honda CRF250L always are the CHOICE. They are the top dirt bikes for riding in Vietnam.

This is a popular bike for motorcycle travel because of its cost and durability on different roads. Scooter The scooter in Vietnam is commonly known as ‘ xe tay ga’, Automatic bikes which means auto transmission motorike. This is also one of the most popular motorcycles for the trip in Vietnam. However, with rugged mountain terrain such as tours: Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours, Sa Pa Motorcycle Tours, ... riding a motorbike will be given priority.

Touring motorcycles This is absolutely the most effective vehicle for long-distance roads with full options of integrated equipment attached. In Vietnam, the Touring motorbike lineup is quite well-known. A lot of riders are the owners of famous Ultra Classic models from Harley-Davidson or masterpieces from Victory. Some typical Touring models are Harley-Davidson Road King, Honda Gold Wing, Harley-Davidson Ultra, Honda Varadero, Victory Vision, etc.

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Where Can I rent a Motorcycle To Ride in Vietnam?

Where Can I rent a Motorcycle To Ride in Vietnam?

Contact Vietnam Motorcycle Tours at 290 Nguyen Trai, Trung Van, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi. Follow Google map to reach us at this link:

If you do not have a Motorcycle, where can you rent a car for reasonable and quality? VietnamMotorbikeTour.Com is a cheap and quality motorcycle rental address. You can rent a motorcycle in Vietnam by accepting the website or calling the number phone to book your trip. The staff will support and advise you on suitable options. The number of motorcycles that we provide is safe, stable work and responds to your sightseeing and travel needs. So you can fully enjoy motorcycle tours by motorcycle in Vietnam with your family and friends such as: Moc Chau Motorcycle Tours, Ninh Binh Motorcycles Tours,… Above content, VietnamMotorbikeTour.Com has shared a list of experiences of Vietnam motorcycles . We hope that it can bring many helpful things for your trip.

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If you and your family are preparing for Vietnam tours by motorcycles, please contact us at +84 945 918 68 or check out website: www.vietnammotorbiketour.com. We are always ready to advise you on choosing the right motorcycle with the most optimal quantity. Even if you want to experience anywhere in Vietnam, we promise to provide enough of your requests. We hope you have an enjoyable and complete experience when going to Vietnam. Thank you for your attention.

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