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Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tour from Hanoi to Saigon - 21 days

Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tour from Hanoi to Saigon - 21 days is a breathtaking experience for tourists that enjoy exploring because of the long time, many challenges along the way and many exciting locations.

21 days of Vietnam Motorcycle Tours will be your chance to enjoy landscapes of 14 famous locations of Vietnam. You can explore life under the sea, conquer the high mountains and drop by the local villages, enjoy specialties and know the customs of each place. 

The detail itinerary about Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tour from Hanoi to Saigon - 21 days

[Day 1+2] Hanoi motorbike tours - The arrival of Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tour from Hanoi to Saigon - 21 days

The first day is the opportunity for both tour participants to meet each other and join a warm welcome dinner hosted by Vietnam Motorbike Tour Club. After that, our tour guide will give you a short brief about Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tours in 21 days to make sure our journey is safe, meaningful and memorable.

You will have motorcycle tours around Hanoi on the second day. Hanoi is the capital which has a thousand year of culture, so history, culture and street food are the three things you can not miss when exploring Hanoi. 

[Day 3] Mai Chau motorbike tours - The real paradise of Hoa Binh Province

Mai Chau is a valley located in the west of Hoa Binh province and there are many ethnic minorities, mainly Thai people in there. Mai Chau valley has a simple and pure beauty like a sweet girl who has a mysterious charm that is not found everywhere.

Distance from Hanoi to Mai Chau is 180 km. You will have three meals: breakfast in Hanoi, lunch on the way, and dinner in a homestay. When staying at the homestay, you will be offered only basic facilities and will have the chance to experience the local lifestyle.

[Day 4] Vinh motorbike tours - The hero red city 

After about 268 km from Mai Chau, tourists will come to Vinh city in the afternoon. You will have three meals and stay at a hotel. Walking on the beach, visiting busy fishing markets and exploring the historical sites are some of our recommendations. While you are in Vinh city, you should try local food, for example eel porridge or eel noodle soup. We recommend that beaches, historical sites and fishing markets are three worth exploring in this historical city. 

[Day 5] Huong Khe motorbike tours - The fire pan of Ha Tinh Province

On the fifth day, the tourists will visit some nearby beaches in Vinh such as Cua Lo, Cua Hoi, and Cua Hien. And then driving for about 15 km to reach Sen village, the hometown of President Ho Chi Minh. After that you will continue the Vietnam Motorcycle Adventure Tours with 160km to go to Huong Khe - the hottest place of Ha Tinh Province. You will go there at about 5 p.m and have dinner at a local eatery and spend the night at a small hotel here.

[Day 6] Phong Nha motorbike tours - The first wonder of the cave

In the morning, after having breakfast,  driving about 210km, tourists will drive about 210km to reach Phong Nha. 

Phong Nha Ke Bang is one of the most beautiful caves in the world and is recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage. Otherwise, forest trekking, rural mountain biking or war history places are also a wonderful experience when coming to Phong Nha Ke Bang.

After having a quick visit to the Phong Nha area, you will head to the coastal town of Dong Hoi and spend the night here.

[Day 7] Dong Hoi motorbike tours - The rose city of Quang Binh Province

Landscape of Dong Hoi is always filled with colorful roses,once upon a time the French called Dong Hoi with the name Petit Paris (miniature Paris).

The well-known destinations here are Tam Toa Church and Nhat Le Beach, Cua Tung Beach… 

We finish one-third of the Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tour from Hanoi to Saigon - 21 days in the late afternoon, having dinner and staying overnight in a local homestay.

[Day 8+9] Khe Sanh, A Luoi motorbike tours - The historical sites of Quang Tri Province

Khe Sanh and A Luoi are both heavily bombed parts of Vietnam during wartime and will be full of historical sites and a favorite for history tourists.

After visiting some famous historical destinations at Quang Tri, tourists have two choices:  Rest at a hotel in the late afternoon or drive straight from Quang Tri to Hue to save time. 

[Day 10+11] Hoi An motorbike tours -  The ancient city of Viet Nam

The distance from A Luoi to Hoi An is 240km. Hoi An is likened to a living museum of architecture and urban lifestyle, a special example of a traditional port town in East Asia that has been preserved intactly and thoughtfully until now. 

Tourists can explore historical sites, pagodas, temples when coming to Hoi An. Besides, your trip seems to be incomplete without trying some local street foods. 

[Day 12] My Son, Kham Du motorbike tours - The ancient Champa civilization

With 200 km of Vietnam Dirtbike Tours , we spend the morning discovering My Son sanctuary then head back to Thu Bon river, have lunch in Dong Phu. From here you can drive on some single tracks in rubber forest or strike through some rural villages. And then, you head to Kham Duc (also known as Phuoc Son town) and spend the night here.

[Day 13] Kon Tum motorbike tours - The paradise of highlands

A special and interesting point in Kon Tum is the wooden church,  which is nestled in the midst of the evergreen forest. If tourists come in the blooming season, we will catch the sight of colorful flowers en route to the church. On this day, you spend the night in a local homestay located in a rustic village of the Ede ethnic group. 

[Day 14] Buon Me Thuot motorbike tours - The coffee metropolis of Vietnam

In the early morning, tourists will travel about 240km to discover the coffee metropolis of Vietnam. Buon Me Thuot is a well-known coffee area in Vietnam. You will have the opportunity to cross many vast coffee farms which extend well to the horizon. Enjoying the cool and fresh atmosphere, feeling the sunlight of the central highlands region will be a remarkable memory.

[Day 15] Lak Lake motorbike tours - The beautiful lake of highlands

Lak lake belongs to Dak Lak province,this is the second largest freshwater lake in Vietnam. Most of the M'Nong people live around the lake and still retain many unique traditional cultural values. 

[Day 16] Da Lat motorbike tours - The romantic city 

After resting at homestay, tourists wake up early to continue Vietnam Motorcycle Tours to Da Lat at noon. 

Da Lat, located in the central highlands region of Vietnam, has a plethora of nice things to offer: scenic pine forests, romantic misty landscape, various types of beautiful flowers, unique pink grass, tasty wine, and coffee, and an ancient church. 

[Day 17+18] Mui Ne motorbike tours - The beautiful coastal city

From Da Lat, we travel about 156 km to Mui Ne, Phan Thiet City. Mui Ne is a tourist destination located in the city of Phan Thiet - the south of Vietnam. Dubbed the "land of islands and hills", Mui Ne has many places of entertainment and rich experiences for visitors to choose from. 

  • For those who love climbing and camping activities: Hon Rom - a small mountain is still wild.  

  • For those who love exploring history and culture: Duc Thanh School, established in 1907.

  • Other: Tien stream, Ba island, Ke Ga lighthouse, Ta Cu mountain, Co Thach rock beach,...

[Day 19+20+21] Sai Gon motorbike tours - The departure of Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tour from Hanoi to Saigon - 21 days

In the last route of Vietnam motorbike adventure, tourists will: 

  • Driving about 219 km from Mui Ne to Saigon

  • Visiting Cu Chi tunnels:  With over 120 km of underground tunnels, you will have a look at the underground life of Vietnamese soldiers in wartime.

  • Exploring Ho Chi Minh City: Ben Thanh Market, Notre-Dame Cathedral, center post office, reunification palace, opera house, war remnants museum, pedestrian Nguyen Hue street. 

 On the 21st day, you will have a short food tour, enjoying and having incredible food experiences in Ho Chi Minh city before leaving Vietnam.

Hope you will have a great experience and a really valuable time when you join the Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tour from Hanoi to Saigon - 21 days. To know more information about this tour, please contact us at the website: vietnammotorbiketour.com.

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