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Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tour – 12 Days

Duration: 12 days/11 Nights

Recommended destinations to visit: Ha Noi, Tan Ky, Mai Chau, Khe Sanh, Phong Nha - Ke Bang, Hue, Vinh Moc Tunnels, Kon Tum, Danang, Buon Ma Thuot, Hue, Nha Trang and Lak Lake.

If you are on your vacation, or want to take day-offs, you should try some Vietnam Motorcycle Tours, especially Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tour - 12 Days. From these trips, you can enjoy magnificent landscapes and discover colourful cultures, having a broader view of the real Vietnam. Let’s overlook our program for Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tours .


Hanoi - Mai Chau Motorbike Tours - Day 1(180km)

The Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tour - 12 Days begins at 8:30 a.m in the western outskirts of Hanoi Capital. The first day can bring you a sense of difficulty, but you also get a chance to see the highlighting beauty of nature during the ride to Mai Chau. We will guide you to travel your Vietnam Motorbike trip on the freeway in the west of Hanoi, helping you avoid traffic congestion. After one hour, you can see a lot of peaceful towns and villages, together with green mountains, offering you a striking view. We usually reach Mai Chau at 5.p.m, staying in the stilt-house of the white Thai inhabitants in this district.

Mai Chau - Tan Ky Motorbike Tour - Day 2 (260km)

We will continue riding through Mai Chau  as soon as we have breakfast, then run along the Ma river bank across bamboo forests to enjoy beautiful sightseeings. The time we arrive in Ngoc Lan town can be at noon, and eating a meal for lunch at a local restaurant. After lunch, we will take a pleasant and easy Vietnam motorbike route to Tan Ky town on Ho Chi Minh pathroad. 

Tan Ky - Phong Nha Motorbike Tour - Day 3 (280km)

During the period of war, Tan Ky was chosen as the important and ideal site to start the Ho Chi Minh Trail. From here, northern communists transport ammunition and food to the South of Vietnam, supporting the success of this trail. After breakfast, we set up for you to cruise on the historical path to Southern Vietnam. The Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tour - 12 Days for this route is entirely on the restored section of paths, but it still brings a specular perspective of the people and nature.

Phong Nha - Khe Sanh Motorbike Tour - Day 4(280km)

We will take part in the western Ho Chi Minh Trail after departing from Phong Nha Town, which offers us the best Vietnam Motorbike Tours with many new and impressive experiences. The western Ho Chi Minh Trail motorcycle tour is almost done under the Phong Nha Ke Bang, with an aim to get more empty spaces for your riding. We can pay a visit to Khe Sanh museum after getting out of this national park in the late afternoon. At about 5.p.m, we will finish this route and overnight in a guesthouse.

Khe Sanh - Hue Motorbike Tour - Day 5(170km)

Leaving Ho Chi Minh Trail, riding towards the eastern side of our country on the 17th parallel to see a symbol for separating two regions during Vietnamese war, namely Hien Luong Bridge. Also, you also have an opportunity to enjoy the view of coastal roads after a long time through forests and mountains. At about 4.30.pm, we will book a room for sleep overnight at a local hotel in Hue city.

Taking motorcycle tours around Hue - Day 6

We can choose to discover the hidden beauty of Hue on our motorbikes, seeing some interesting places like king’s tombs, beautiful temples and rustic villages. After lunch, we decided to go swimming on the beach or enjoy the fresh air after a long ride. At night, you can stroll around downtown to taste various local specialties. Let’s join the Ho Chi Minh Trail Tour - 12 Days to experience one day in this city.

Hue - Hoi An Motorbike Tour - Day 7

After breakfast, we will ride to the coastal area of Hue city, then continue to have offroad Vietnam Motorcycle tours to Hoi An ancient town. You have to come across the Cloudy pass - one of the most well- known passes in the centre of Vietnam, presenting the beauty of both ocean and mountain. The time to reach Hoian can be at 4.00.pm.

Touring around Hoi An - Day 8

You can visit some famous destinations such as: Cau Bridge, Chinese temples, traditional houses, An Bang beach and local markets. In the afternoon, you should take your motorbike running around this city, coming to some green and peaceful village and tasting some featured food. Hoi an in the night is really beautiful with a lot of different colours, and there are some interesting cultural activities.

Hoi An - Kon Tum Motorbike Tour - Day 9 (210km)

The Vietnam Motorbike Tour staff will guide you to visit My Son Holyland to get a deeper insight into Cham culture and people. Then we will keep cruising on the Ho Chi Minh trail to enjoy a lot of breathtaking sightseeings during the way to Kon Tum province. According to the plan, we will be in Kon Tum at roughly 5.pm for dinner and stay overnight in a local hotel.

Kon Tum - Pleiku Motorbike Tour - Day 10 (180km)

Leaving Kon Tum, you can catch a sight of a scenic lake called “the Eye of Pleiku before visiting the rubber plantation of the locals. We have plan to finish the day in Buon Me Thuot town at 5.p.m

Buon Me Thuot - Lak Lake Motorbike Tour- Day 11 (100km)

This trip is short but offers many interesting things to discover along the path. You can get a chance to taste separate kinds of cafes in our country, pay a visit to Dray Nu and Dray Sap waterfalls. Then you can arrive to Lak Lake after visiting Elephant Mountain in the early afternoon.

Lak Lake - Nha Trang Motorbike Tour - Day 12 (215km)

The last day of the Ho Chi Minh Trail Tour - 12 Days will be a big day to take a lot of spots to save the memory of colorful hill tribes and beautiful coastlines. You will visit the village of H’mong people prior to enjoying motorcycle tours to Nha Trang city. You can be early at 4.00pm và check in your room for relaxation or sleeping. We suggest you visit hot water springs, the fishing village and friendly K’ho people. 

The price 

  • Private solo bikers: 200 USD/day

  • 2 bikers: 150 USD/day/person

  • 3 bikers: 140 USD/day/person

  • 4-10 bikers: 130 USD/day/person

Important Notes

  • Air tickets and support vehicles are not included but having airport pick up/drop off.

  • Honda CRF250L for the extra cost is $40/day/bike

  • The driver + backup vehicle for extra cost is $150/day/bike

  • The price for Ho Chi Minh Trail Tour - 12 Days is higher quitely than the costs above

  • There will be different experiences depending on the weather

Tour price includes

  • English speaking tour guides with professional skills

  • Honda CRF250L, Honda XR150L or other dirtbikes Vietnam with all fuel

  • Helmets/Knee and elbow pads/Gloves/pants/rain jackets are in good condition

  • All meal on motorbike tours

  • Accommodation

  • Boat rides on rivers and lakes

  • Permits/all entrance fees

  • Hotel drop off/pick up

  • Video of the trip

Tour cost excludes

  • Bike damages

  • Medical Insurance

  • Drink/Tips

  • Personal expense

  • Visa and air tickets to our country

Booking condition

  • A minimum deposit of 30%

  • The backpackers have responsibility for any bank charges

  • The balance can be paid at the first day of the tour

  • Canceling the tour, you can not get back your deposit

  • Canceling after the first day, losing 100% of the total fee

  • After departure, you can not get any refunds for any reason

This article provides useful information about the Ho Chi Minh Trail Tour - 12 Days, helping you have the best preparation. Please contact Vietnam Motorbike Tour Company for your trip at vietnammotorbike.com. 

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