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Hanoi Motorcycle Tours - Trips for new experiences

POSTED ON 07/10/2021

Up to now, Hanoi Motorcycle Tours have been considered as the most popular ones provided by Vietnam Motorbike Tours Operators. The tours offer plenty of traditional villages and breathtaking landscapes in Hanoi Capital, as well as the “next door” province namely Bac Ninh. Through these motorcycle tours, you can explore the hidden charm of our capital and nearby, creating a combination of relaxing and adventure travel. Hanoi Motorcycle Tours are recommended from the series of Northern Vietnam Motorcycle Tours, giving the best overviews about this region for international visitors. 

Highlight notes: Pay a visit to some of the most well-known temples and pagodas, ranging from Tay Phuong pagoda to Thay pagoda. Cruising across large rice fields, narrow and busy roads, and some rural sites can bring you an unique experience. Let’s gain more information before Hanoi Motorcycle Tours begin.

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Van Phuc silk village

Van Phuc silk village

During Hanoi Motorcycle Tours, most foreigners insist  on a tour to Van Phuc Silk Village, the renowned silk village of our nation to contemplate the traditional silk-making industry.


Van Phuc Silk Village is located on both banks of Nhue Thi River and Nguyen Trai street, around 8km far away from the North of Hanoi. If you are renting a room in Hanoi downtown, it can take you 30 minutes to go there on a motorcycle. This village is an ideal place for any people having interests in weaving and silk products. In addition, travellers may be appealed by beautiful crafts, dresses, shirts and ties made from silk available in Van Phuc Silk Village.

The Cradle of Silk in Vietnam

In the former days, silk was considered an extreme luxury, mainly used by Vietnam loyal dynasties, on par with precious and ivory hard words in our country. When having heard about the crucial role of this kind of material in Vietnamese life, whether you want to know about the originality of it or not. In fact, the Vietnamese silk-making industry appeared about 2000 years ago, marking a limestone of a long-lasting history of traditional handicraft in our country. However, passing through lots of ups and downs, the Van Phuc silk village has had some significant changes owing to an increasing demand for silk in foreign and domestic markets. 

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How to go to Van Phuc Silk Village in Vietnam DirtBike Tours?

How to go to Van Phuc Silk Village in Vietnam DirtBike Tours?

In order to reach the Van Phuc Silk Village, backpackers should begin this trip from the south west out of Hanoi Capital across Ha Dong district, and turn right for 3km, then see the village on the left. You can use any means of transport, including bus, motorcycle or taxi to come here. Or, you can book Hanoi Motorcycle Tours at Vietnam Motorbike Tours Company to discover this special site.

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Vietnam is known as  a multicultural and multi-ethnic nation, with 54 ethnic groups throughout the length of our territory. Perceiving the important role of maintaining the unique cultures, Vietnam government established an ethnographic museum called Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in 1987. Since its inception, this Museum has lured a lot of attention from local people as well as international visitors all over the world. Let’s take Vietnam Dirtbike Tours to Hanoi with a view to enjoy the impressive beauty of artworks in the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology.

Short description

This museum is in the shape of Dong Son drum, designed by Ha Duc Linh and a French architect, namely Veronique.Vietnamese Ethnology Museum consists of two mainstream expos booths, lying in an outdoor and indoor area. Regarding museum rooms, there are many options to explore, such as offices, libraries, galleries, research centres, auditoriums, storage and so forth. In 2007, the third booth was constructed for the purpose of  introducing some information about Southeast Asia.

Besides traditional man made products, travellers can see photographs and documents relating all aspects of national culture in modern life and the creativity of the minorities. Some ten-fork architectures of traditional homes in Vietnam must be listed as the long stilt house of Ede, communal house from the Bana minority, Viethouse and stilt house of the Tay group. The Vietnam Motorbike Tours Operator can give you pieces of advice about taking a camera or a scrapbook to save all memorable moments during this Hanoi Motorcycle Tours.

If you have a plan to register for a short tour, you can experience two destinations, or visit the other famous places, including Thay pagoda, 36-ancient streets, Bat Trang Village and Duong Lam village. 

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What’s included for Hanoi Motorcycle Tours?

  • English speaking tour guides
  • All bikes are in the best condition with all fuel
  • The good quality of helmets, knee, rain jackets, gloves, pants and elbow pads
  • Prepared for all meal with various local specialties
  • Accomodation on motorcycle tours in Hanoi available (hostels or hotels from 3-4 Stars)
  • Entrance permits and fees

Why should you choose these tours in the Vietnam Motorbike Tours system?

Hanoi motorbike tour countryside 

Giving the quote “ Life is either a daring Adventure or nothing”, the Vietnam Motorbike Tours Company makes many efforts to bring the best experience for all our customers. We are willing to provide the most modern fleet of motorcycles, ranging from Honda CRF 250cc to Honda XR150cc, as well as a series of classic Minsk 125 bikes.

You can contact us by main ways, calling through WhatsApp +84.945.918.688 or accessing the official website vietnamotorbiketour.com. The staff of Vietnam Motorbike Tours are always online 24/24 to answer all your questions and suggest to you some tours with good prices.

From this blog, Vietnam Motorbike Tours Company has just listed some useful suggestions about must-visit destinations when you join Hanoi Motorcycle Tours. We believe that you can become an excellent and professional backpacker, let’s enjoy these trips.

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