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Ha Giang Dirtbike Tours -Travel To Explore

POSTED ON 07/19/2021

In Northern Vietnam, over 5000 kilometers of beautiful mountains and valleys, sceneries from nature films, coffee plantations along lush green rice paddies. In addition to breathtaking terrains and lively cities, Northern Vietnam is home to the world-famous Ha Giang province. Therefore, a lot of tourists are attracted to take part in Ha Giang Dirtbike Tours for lifetime adventure. There are so much more than just riding around on your motorcycle and enjoying all these scenic views - there's a lot more to it when it comes to challenging terrain, offroad driving skills needed here - but this too will be covered in our article at a later date. Vietnam Motorbike Tours Company will give some tips and suggestions for this trip. Let's read carefully before registering for the trips.

Which part does Ha Giang Province belong to?

What does Ha Giang Province belong to?

Ha Giang is a mountainous province in the far north of Vietnam, with The Lam river is unique flowing through vast mountains in the west and open plains on the east. It also has a 2,500-year history with border disputes over land. In Ha Giang, there are many ethnic groups like Dao, Hmong, Tay people and Red Zao people who are famous for their colorful and distinctive costumes. In the past, Ha Giang was once used by the French to grow crops on large plantations, and is still also utilized for growing coffee and tea today.

The province's name derives from the Chinese phrase "Hai Giang", meaning "the island of the two waterfalls". Ha Giang is known for its rice paddies (known as "Hai Van"), beautiful rivers, and its pottery, a local craft that dates back to the Stone Age.

Ha Giang DirtbikeTours are quite well known in the international motorcycling community. They are also very well organized and supervised by experienced English speaking guides who know every inch of the Ha Giang Mountains on a motorcycle.The definition of nouns like “Half hill, half valley”, referring to its terrain made up of both high plateaus and deep valleys. Additionally, the Vietnam motorbike price to this destination can be also cheaper than the other Vietnam bike tours. The time to visit Ha Giang Province The best time to visit Ha Giang Dirtbike Tours is from November to April.

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When Is The Best Time To Ride To Ha Giang?

When Is The Best Time To Ride To Ha Giang?

The weather is mild in this period, while the rainy season falls between May and September. Some of the Ha Giang Mountains are very steep, some even reaching a height of 4,000 meters. This is why the best time to tour these mountains is from December to April, when it's cooler and less humid with fewer clouds hovering over the peaks.

For the off road travellers having a passion for discovering Vietnam by motorbike, Ha Giang is surely one of the best places to go. In fact, many exciting routes await for those who are prepared to explore the rough terrain of the mountains.

What appeals to international tourists?

What appeals to international tourists?

DONG VAN , VIETNAM - SEP 16 : The weekend market in Dong Van Vietnam on September 16 2018. The market is a trading place for ethnic groups from the surrounding hills

The Ha Giang province has been opened to foreign tourists to explore the local culture as well as beautiful sightseeings since the year 1999. From days onwards, this place has gained popularity with motorcyclists due to its many stunning mountain passes, which were great for hill climbs, off-road riding and valley descents. Especially in the dry season, Ha Giang has some very attractive dirt-track roads offering a real challenge for riders looking for something more than simply riding a twisty paved road.

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Ha Giang province has five main valleys:

Ha Giang province has five main valleys:

Quan Ba, Lai Chau, Ha Giang (the largest and most populous), Tinh Gia-Duyen Kim and Hoa Binh.The Ha Giang dirtbike tours have been specifically designed for those looking for something a little different from the norm. You can also pay a visit to Nam Cat Tien National Park situated along Vietnam's western border with Cambodia near Laos to enjoy more breathtaking views of the forest.

On this route you will ride across beautiful mountains through a variety of terrain that includes: dirt tracks, steep climbs, deep valleys and incredible landscapes. You may wish to take advantage of the optional lunch that is offered here at the war museum or have it later at one of the local restaurants. Also, you should taste some popular cuisines in this province such as rolled rice cake with egg, Thang Co, five-color glutinous rice, sticky rice cooked in bamboo, Lon Cap Nach and so forth.

After lunch, the Ha Giang dirtbike tours can take you into Vietnam's mountainous regions. You will ride through the red stone narrow pass of Hai Van Pass and then over to Quan Ba, which is a remote village at an altitude of 1400 meters. This village here is tiny with some amenities for tourists, because there are many friendly people waving to you and wanting to have their photos taken with you. From here there is a steep climb up into the mountains around an area called Nam Hoang, where there is a waterfall that is famous for its pottery (also known as Chiem Hoa Phan). About Vietnam Motorbike Tours Company.

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Vietnam Motorbike Tours is a well-known and highly recommended tour operator specializing in Vietnam motorcycle adventure tours in the Ha Giang province. The staff of us are ready to support you for all tips and guides before as well as within these tours. We guarantee that you will get a chance to experience the most wonderful motorbike tours with good prices. In addition, Vietnam Motorbike Tours can provide both self-guided and guided tours depending on your demand and interests. Please contact us by Hotline +84.945.918.688 or official website VietnamMotorbikeTour.Com for further and better datas.

This article gives you some exact reviews about the Ha Giang dirtbike tours, allowing you to have the best evaluations for your trips. Try and join us to pursue your dream and passion for Vietnam motorbike adventure tours. Hit us up at: https://vietnammotorbiketour.com/

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