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Grand Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorbike Tour 15 Days-A trip of life

The Vietnam Motorbike tour will lead you from North to South of Vietnam via the legendary and historical trail - Ho Chi Minh Trail. This is really a big motorbike tour passing through many provinces and a real opportunity to experience a different Vietnam on motorbike. With this route, riders will pass by amazing sceneries and ride on both paved and extraordinary roads as well as learn a lot about Vietnam’s culture and history.

With this long trip, we will journey a total of more than 2,500 km in 15 days to a dozen of cities and provinces of Vietnam. 

Duration: 15 days

Destination: Hanoi - Mai Chau - Tan Ky -Quang Binh (Phong Nha) - Khe Sanh - Vinh Moc - Hue- Hoi An - Central Highland (Kon Tum-Buon Ma Thuot) - Nha Trang - Da Lat - Cat Tien - Ho Chi Minh City

Itinerary of trip

Day 1: A short motorbike trip from Hanoi to Mai Chau 190km

The first day of our Vietnam motorcycle tour north to south starts at 8.00am. From your hotel, we will pick you up and take the bus to the outskirts of the city. After that, we set out to Mai Chau by riding a motorbike.

You will be treated to see the spectacular limestone karsts rising majestically and rice paddy fields lengthen to the horizon. The route to Mai Chau is quite simple and peaceful like a warm-up ride.

We will arrive at Mai Chau as the sun goes down and take a night at Thai traditional stilt house to enjoy the specibilites and local culture. 

Day 2: A beautiful motorbike ride from Mai Chau to Tan Ky 250km

Today, our Vietnam motorbike tour operator ride through many peaceful villages and small back roads, riding along the Ma River up to Cam Thuy.

Afterward, we will finally be beginning our trip on the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail to Tan Ky, the final stop of the second day. This is a small town that is remembered as the very start of the main war trail in the past. We will visit the village and overnight in town.

Day 3: A motorcycle tour to UNESCO World Natural Heritage-Phong Nha Ke Bang 280km

On the list of the third day of our Vietnam Motorcycle Tours are many historical relics along the riding road that we will offer to you. 

We continue the Vietnam bike tours on Ho Chi Minh trail to Phong Nha – Ke Bang, where the most breathtaking cave systems are situated 65 km long of caves and underground rivers. It has been given the  title of UNESCO as one of seven World Heritage sites in the world. You will be excited with the unique roads that have many twisty passes and hard curves. 

After reaching Phong Nha, we will spend the night at a hotel. 

Day 4: Vietnam Motorcycle Adventure Tours  to Khe Sanh 220km

From Phong Nha Ke Bang, you can start the next day by motorbike ride to take the Eastern or Western side of the trail. We recommend riding to the Western side, deep in the sky-high mountain ranges, offers many breathtaking views of the raw nature with  rock cliffs and close-packed forests. 

The route will go through the National park of Phong Nha – Ke Bang  and Khe Sanh- a mine of war remains relics. Riders will have a chance to experience the thrilling riding route with many challenges and scenes with a historical color. 

We will stay overnight in a house of localhost. 

Day 5: A Dirt Bike Tours Vietnam To Hue 190km 

It's really a wonderful motorbike tour on this long trip. From west to east, our Vietnam motorbike adventure team will discover the 17th parallel, which was the border that separated the Northern and the Southern in the past. We will ride through Hien Luong Bridge and Vinh Moc Tunnel, the historical sites to have an overview of the war and its impact.

The route that takes us to Hue is really beautiful with a long coastline and pure white sand. We will reach Hue, the old capital of Vietnam and enjoy the rest of the day.

Day 6: Culture journey from Hue to Hoi An 160km 

We will start the next day of motorbike tours by walking up early and riding to enjoy a very romantic and fresh Hue. 


The day continues as Offroad Vietnam Motorcycle Tours hit the route to get to an ancient city-Hoi An. You will totally agree with us that the ride through Hai Van pass will be unforgettable memories of your life. It will be short but very challenging with twists and turns and an enormous view of the whole Central Vietnam. 

The coastal ride by motorbike will end at Hoi An, well-known by countless lanterns and ancient streets, you will find a very irresistible Hoi An.

Day 7: A one day loafing around Hoi An

The ancient Hoi An gets to you in a very delicate way. You first are impressed by its heritage color, then lost by its utterly oriental atmosphere and chances of enjoying really special specialities. Hoi An is still a healing city where you can come, rest and feel revived. 

Beside the famous pagodas and historical architecture, we highly recommend the local fantastic beaches. You can ride a motorcycle or bike and get to the beautiful Cua Dai or An Bang-two really wonderful destinations for swimming. This is really a short break after a long and challenging motorbike ride to refresh yourself.

Day 8: The Central Highland tour to Kontum 290 Km

We offer one of the longest rides in the Vietnam motorbike route, but it's really certainly worth it as you will get a close view of the Central Highland – a region that rarely gets attention in great tourist destination guidebooks.

From Hoi An, we  head to Phuoc Son. You will cross the Lo Su pass-a quite hard challenge and ride through villages of the Ba Na people to Kontum. We offer a visit to Their Rong House-the unique and cultural symbol of locals. Spending overnight in a hotel in town.

Day 9: Discovery motorbike trip from Kon Tum to  Buon Ma Thuot – 240 Km

The highlight of The Central Highland motorbike tour is Buon Ma Thuot. Before riding up to Buon Ma Thuot, we will have an easy ride to pass beautiful Pleiku city and Ia Drang valley – that is a historical example of the war between the US and North Vietnam Army. Buon Me Thuot is also known as the coffee capital of Vietnam. We take you to endless coffee farms and enjoy very special cups of coffee. The weather of the highland city is cool, glorious and sunny.

Day 10: A trip to a sea city-  Nha Trang from Buon Me Thuot 190 Km

It’s time to prepare yourself for riding on the steep road down to Nha Trang-a beautiful sea city in the center of Vietnam. The route with the ageless cliffs meet a deep blue ocean that creates an impressive scenery.

Day 11: Sunbathing and relaxing in Nha Trang

We offer a relaxing day for you with the most fantastic beaches and the interesting nightlife of Nha Trang. Make sure to get good rest though for the next motorbike tour tomorrow.

Day 12: Experience the Da Lat Motorcycle Tours from Nha Trang – 170 Km

From Nha Trang, the road session to Da Lat is a perfect choice for motorbike riders. Situated in the highlands of Vietnam, Da Lat has a cool climate and fresh air that used to be a popular retreat of the French colonists. Riding on calming trails and winding roads to get through the wonderful waves of high and low stone mountains.

Day 13: Short Motorcycle Tours  around Da Lat

The capital of flowers is a beautiful name adorably given to the city by locals. The city location itself is even more interesting. You will have a whole day of leisure to visit waterfalls, pine forest, vegetable farms or old manors built in the style of French.

Day 14: Dalat to Cat Tien National Park ride 190 Km

From Da Lat, we will ride along the pleasant Q20 road to Cat Tien National Park- an awesome reserve of fascinating fauna and flora.

Day 15: Final motorbike tour to Ho Chi Minh 

We will finish our amazing Vietnam motorcycle trip by a short ride head to Ho Chi Minh City.  The traffic will get observably more crowded as Ho Chi Minh is the biggest and heart of the South. Enjoy your rest of the trip to experience this fascinating city.

Riding with the Vietnam Motorbike Tour is always your unique memories. Our Grand Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorbike Tour 15 Days will always be the best selection. Please contact us: hotline: +(84) 945.918.688/ website address: vietnammotorbiketour.com for quote and discount. 

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