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Experience of Ha Giang motorcycle tours for foreign visitors who have just arrived in Vietnam

POSTED ON 07/17/2021

Vietnam is very proud to be called the 'Golden Forest And Silver Sea' stretching from north to south. In recent years, Vietnam has attracted a lot of domestic and foreign tourists with ideal destinations such as Phu Quoc Island, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Sa Pa... If the South is famous for its clear blue beaches, go along the Northwest, you will be able to witness firsthand the majestic and unspoiled mountains. Especially when you can see and explore the mountain peaks by motorbike, I'm sure it will be the best memories that you will never forget. One of the Vietnam motorcycle tours that you definitely must not miss is Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours. Let’s discover the interesting and outstanding things in Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours in the article below:

Why should you choose Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours? Why should you choose Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours.jpg Ha Giang is one of the provinces located in the Northwest of Vietnam. This place is famous for many wild and majestic mountains. Therefore, if you can experience riding a motorbike, it will be the best thing. It helps you enjoy the fresh air and explore the bumpy roads. It gives us a little bit of fear, but if you try it , it will be the best feeling you have ever experienced. If you are the type of person who dreams of doing exciting things but never quite does, an adventure holiday could be just the thing for you. Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours will help you conquer those dreams. Don't wait, let's try Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours. Are the rocky roads of Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours suitable for you? If you are carsick, it is perfectly reasonable to go by motorbike. Anyone can participate in the experience of Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours. If you don't know how to ride a motorcycle, you can go with another person. In case you ride your motorcycle, you should choose the right size, commensurate with your height and physique. That way, you can more easily control the bike on the road. What are the ideal destinations that you cannot miss when participating in Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours? When experiencing Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours, you should definitely not miss the top destinations below: Ma Pi Leng Pass Ma Pi Leng Pass.jpg It is considered as one of the "four great peaks" in the northern mountains of Vietnam, Ma Pi Leng with its majestic terrain is an interesting destination for tourists when traveling to Ha Giang. With rugged terrain and majestic unspoiled landscape, Ma Pi Leng pass, Pha Din pass, O Quy Ho pass, Khau Pha pass have made beautiful and charming mountains in the northern part of Vietnam. Although Ma Pi Leng Pass is not long, it is the most dangerous pass in the northern mountainous region and is likened to the "king" of Vietnamese passes. Ma Pi Leng with 9 bends on the side of the steep cliff which has an abyss below . It has become a miracle and is called the "Great Wall" of Vietnam. If you can go through Ma Pi Leng pass, it will definitely be the best feeling for you. Nho Que River nho quế.jpg Nho Que River is a famous place that you must explore when coming to Ha Giang. To be able to fully enjoy the beauty of Nho Que River, tourists often choose to stop at Ma Pi Leng Pass. Although this pass road is famous for being dangerous with cliffs on one side and abyss on the other. Along with that, the fog almost always covers the road, making it difficult to see the bends of the sleeve. However, everyone wants to conquer this 20km pass, especially professional backpackers. When you go on the top of the pass, looking down into the abyss thousands of meters deep, we will see the full beauty of the river and feel the majesty of Ha Giang's nature. Especially, when you are too tired of the hustle and bustle of urban life, you should try once to Ha Giang and take a boat trip on Nho Que River, immersing yourself in nature. Simply sitting on a boat for a walk is enough to make visitors to the Ha Giang Tour forget all the sad things. Pao’s House Famous from the movie "Pao's Story", Pao's House has become a destination not to be missed in tourists' Ha Giang tours. Located in the middle of the arid rock plateau, this place has a peaceful, rustic beauty, which is a miniature picture about the life of the Mong people here. Lost in the house, you will see firsthand the cozy house with 3 blocks in the shape of "U". In the middle of the house is a small courtyard paved with hewn bricks and stones. The house has a main compartment divided into several rooms, including a living room, a storeroom, a kitchen and a barn for livestock and poultry. When you come to this place, you feel like you are reliving decades ago. In this place, you will encounter things that you have only seen in movies. Lung Cu flagpole lung cu.jpg When exploring Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours, you should not miss the Lung Cu flagpole, the headland of the country that has long become a sacred image in the hearts of every Vietnamese. When viewed from below, the Lung Cu flagpole stands on top of the dragon mountain, the star red flag flutters proudly in the wind. It is both a historical relic and the northernmost point of the country which is sacred and majestic. For many years, the Lung Cu flagpole monument has been a destination attracting many tourists from near to far. Dong Van Old Town ng văn.jpg Dong Van Old Town is one of the most beautiful and unique old streets in Vietnam. Surely anyone who touches the land of Ha Giang cannot ignore this wonderful place. Dong Van Old Town is located in the middle of a valley surrounded by four rocky mountains, it has only 40 rooftops. These old houses are all around 100 years old, especially houses that are nearly 200 years old. In the early morning, the painting of the old town is an ingenious blend of two tones: the bright yellow of the sun and the gray of the old houses. To Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours is the perfect trip, what do you need to prepare? Every trip will happen unexpected things that you cannot anticipate. Therefore, , to ensure safety and cost-effective for the trip, you need to prepare and note a few things: You should arrange your schedule and plan the destinations in a reasonable way. This is a very important thing because it will determine whether your trip is successful or not. You should learn about the weather conditions before each trip to best prepare the necessary personal items. For those who like to go backpacking, health is a very important thing. When traveling by motorbike, you should only bring a few essential things because that will be convenient for traveling on rocky roads like Ha Giang Motorcycles Tours. You have to bring some extra cash to use while driving on the road. If the motorcycle breaks down, you can give it to any shop and fix it. Just those things, I firmly believe that your trip will be perfect and full of meaning. Are you wondering about renting a motorbike and should you hire a guide? Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours is a tour with many dangerous rocky roads. So if this is the first time you are experiencing Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours , you should hire a guide to ensure the safety of the trip. Of course, if you are confident and want to save money on your trip, you can plan and discover without a guide. Vietnammotorbiketour.com is a cheap and quality motorcycle rental address. You can rent a motorcycle in Vietnam by accepting the website or calling the number phone to book your trip. The staff will support and advise you on suitable options. The number of motorcycles that we provide is safe, stable work and responds to your sightseeing and travel needs. So you can fully enjoy tours in Vietnam with your family and friends such as: Moc Chau Motorcycle Tours, Ninh Binh Motorcycles Tours,… Above content, Vietnammotorbiketour.com has shared a list of places to visit when experiencing Vietnam motorcycle tours. We hope that it can bring many helpful things for your trip. If you and your family are preparing for tours by motorbike, please contact us at +84 945 918 68. We are always ready to advise you on choosing the right motorcycle with the most optimal quantity. Even if you want to experience anywhere in Vietnam, we promise to provide enough of your requests. We hope you have an enjoyable and complete experience when going to Vietnam. 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