Central Vietnam Motorcycle Tour from Hoi An to Hue - 4 Days

The Vietnam motorcycle tour from Hoi An to Hue will rock your summer with thrilling rides into nature. You want to experience it? Let’s start your trip!

Guided Tour
4 Days / 3 Nights


Central Vietnam Motorcycle Tour from Hoi An to Hue - 4 Days


Summer is coming. The thrill of adventurous trips into the beautiful nature with the Vietnam Motorcycle tour has become hotter than ever. Come and check out our amazing tour from Hoi An to Hue in four days, guaranteed to be the most amazing experience for bike enthusiasts.

This motorbike road trip along Central Vietnam will bring you to various gems of Vietnam's nature and culture in this region. You will be braving the Ho Chi Minh trail through spectacular historical landmarks and vast forests with your friends, family, or just by yourself to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Let’s check out the highlights of the trip each day!

Tour Highlight

The trip lasts for four days, and each day will bring you to a highlight such as Hai Van Pass, Hue Citadel, etc. The paths also vary, in which you can choose and switch between on-road and off-road routes. There are lots of things for you to discover for yourself!

Once signing up, every service and accommodation will be included, such as three meals per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), homestays, hotels, and thorough guidance and tourism information.

You will also have a chance to meet and interact with the locals and learn & experience their lifestyle while resting. The hosts are extremely friendly and willing to help you out. You will have the greatest experience like never before!


Before taking this journey, be sure to take care of all paperwork with the Vietnam Motorbike Tours and pack up. Now let's take a look at the schedule for the four days of awesomeness!

Day 1: Hoi An - Prao

Our journey begins with a quick tour around Hoi An Ancient Town, a beautiful and peaceful combination of ports and traditional handicraft villages. You can't miss Dong Giang province, with stunning scenery on the city's outskirts.

The next stop is Prao Town. The unique culture with an exotic atmosphere of a mountainous town, in addition to the historical Cham towers with the French - Indochina war monument, will bring you peace of mind.

If time permits, we will be able to head south for 9km to reach Marble Mountain, a pilgrimage area to reach the mountain's peak, known for large cave systems and natural sculptures. After that, we will visit Co Tu minor ethnicity towns and rest for the day, experiencing their lifestyle.

Day 2: Prao - Khe Sanh Combat Base

The second day is the day we brave the historical Ho Chi Minh Trail, which started in Nghe An and went all the way to Binh Phuoc. This is the trail that the legendary Viet Minh troops made for weapons and supplies transport during the Indochina War.

Throughout the years, the path retains its biker-challenging traits and its majestic scenery along the road. While traveling down the path, we will come across the pristine rainforest near the Laos border. Get ready to tranquilize yourself with nature, as the rainforest is beautiful around this time of the year.

After leaving the rainforest, we will stop by a small mountain waterfall to have lunch and rest. You can dive into the water to refresh yourself after a long ride. 

In the afternoon in Thua Thien Hue Province, you’d better visit one of the most famous battlefield landmarks against the Americans and learn more about the heroic past of many Vietnamese battalions. Near the end of the day, we will visit the combat base of Khe Sanh and rest in a homestay nearby. Today could be the highlight of central Vietnam motorbike tours.

Day 3: Khe Sanh - Hue

After crossing the Seventeenth parallel, known as the boundary between Northern and Southern Vietnam, the highlights of the day are numerous historical military landmarks from the war against the Americans. We will visit the Rock Pile and the Camp Carrol, located in Dong Ha and Quang Tri, respectively.

Then, we will ride to the Vinh Moc Tunnel of Dong Ha, an underground village in the 1960s, built to protect civilians from American bomb strikes. The landmark is proof of the indestructible will to survive and the thirst for the independence of the Vietnamese people.

Lunch by the riverside and riding along the coast to reach Hue in the afternoon are interesting experiences. We will rest in a hotel in the evening.

Day 4: Hue - Hoi An

The last and the greatest highlight of the motorbike trip - Hue Imperial Citadel, is on the top of our list to visit. Stretching along the Huong riverbank, the Citadel was one of the greatest centers of Vietnam during the age of constitutional monarchy. The peaceful beauty of the Huong River will ease all of your stress and pain.

After visiting the Citadel, we will go to the beaches to enjoy the sea atmosphere and taste the local cuisine. The next destination will be Hai Van pass, a tourist attraction for generations. With a magnificent view, you can feel the greatness of Vietnamese mountains and culture before heading back.

The last batch of the road is 21km long with twisting roads and difficult paths; you can move slowly and contemplate the last of the scenery before returning to Hoi An. Today is the most wonderful motorcycle tour in central Vietnam with the amazing ride from Hue to Hoian via Hai Van pass.


The landmarks and sceneries described in this article only consist of a small batch of the greatness of Vietnam's wonders. With the lightened COVID-19 restrictions, it is time to come back and brave the brilliant adventures with your family and friends. Vietnam Motorbike Tours is the best option for you.

Be sure to read all information included in the article about this trip carefully before signing up. Our tours include prices for different paths (on-road, off-road, etc.) for inexperienced and expert adventurers. Fortune favors the bold, don't hesitate to participate in this exciting journey and enjoy Vietnamese nature by yourself! What riders have said about Vietnam Motorbike Tours on Tripadvisor!

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Northeast Vietnam motorbike tour 4 - 4 days. Join us for an adventure of a life time.
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