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8-day motorbike tour in North Vietnam from Hanoi to Lang Son through Ha Giang

Taking a motorbike tour after you arrive in Northern Vietnam is the ideal way to see this gorgeous country, especially for two-wheel and adventure fans. This 8-day North Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Lang Son through Ha Giang promises to be one of the most rewarding and life-changing experiences you have on your vacation to the country, with outstanding service and competent guides.

Detailed Agenda


After a hearty breakfast and a cup of Vietnamese coffee, you'll make your way to the starting site for our 8-day North Vietnam Motorbike Tour. Vu Linh, a tiny commune in Yen Bai district that is home to the Dzao ethnic minority, is the first stop on our voyage. We'll leave early, about 9 a.m., to escape rush hour. The trip today is very lengthy (180 km), and it will take us almost 7 hours to accomplish. It's difficult to drive for hours, but the more the work, the better the result, right? Our motorbike crew will go to Thac Ba Lake through highways and single-track roads, which was created when the Thac Ba hydropower facility on the Chay River in Yen Binh province was erected. With approximately 1,300 islands, primarily covered in woods and pure water, the lake provides breathtaking views. 

We'll drive onto a smaller road to reach Vu Linh commune after spending some time appreciating the beauty of Thac Ba lake. Our destination is Ngoi Tu cultural hamlet, a tranquil village in Vu Linh commune that uses community tourism to attract both local and international visitors. The villagers have kept their traditional crafts, cultural events, food, folk music, folk games, and home architecture unaffected by the modern world outside till today. At night, we may eat tasty delicacies around a campfire with the locals. Finish our first riding day by spending the night at a small guesthouse.


Before hopping on the motorcycle and traveling to Ha Giang, say goodbye to Vu Linh with a great breakfast. Ha Giang is worth a visit because of its magnificent environment and ethnic hues from 22 ethnic groupings. Ha Giang is a display of beautiful mountains, limestone cliffs, attractive rivers, and friendly faces. It is located in the northernmost section of Vietnam, around 400 kilometers northwest of Hanoi. Aside from the stunning scenery, this isolated area is an excellent site to learn about the many cultures of Vietnamese ethnic minorities. It's all extremely calm and serene, which is exactly how a trip to Vietnam should be. 

To go to Ha Giang city, we'll take a bumpy route around Thac Ba Lake, which is shaded on two sides by a line of trees and naturally adorned by magnificent mountains.

Then we take Highway 2 and ride till we notice many roof-colored buildings merging in with a serene environment, indicating that we have arrived in Ha Giang. Today's journey might be the highlight of my entire motorbike trip across Northern Vietnam. Our group pauses in Ha Giang city for a bit before heading to Tay hamlet, where we will spend the night, to request permission for a motorbike excursion to the Dong Van Plateau and border areas in the coming days. After a hard day of riding, eat dinner and get a decent night's sleep to recharge your batteries.


Dong Van is our next stop on our 8-day motorcycle tour in North Vietnam, and it's one of the most lovely places we've visited so far. Dong Van Plateau, located 130 kilometers from Ha Giang town along 4C Road, is so gorgeous that it can make all visitors fall in love at first sight. We will stop at Quan Ba Heaven Gate on the route to Dong Van to appreciate the grandeur of Vietnam's beautiful environment. Heaven Gate, at 1,500 meters above sea level, is the highest point on the twisting route between Ha Giang and Quan Ba. You must climb Heaven Gate by a difficult path that runs along one side of the cliff and the other side of the abyss. However, as you reach the top of the gate, the stunning panorama of the Dong Van Plateau from above will take your breath away. You'll see a wide valley with vast terraced farms, the magnificent Co Tien Mountain, and the calm roofs of locals. We'll go to the Vuong Family Palace in the afternoon, which used to be the home of the monarch who ruled over all Hmong people in Vietnam. We continue cycling to Lung Cu, the country's northernmost point. Before traveling to the hotel in Dong Van, spend some time viewing and taking photographs at the top of the Lung Cu flagpole. This is where we'll have dinner and spend the night.


Today's ride is just 80 kilometers long, but it promises to be full of intriguing encounters. This path is suitable for daring riders because of its perilous and complicated terrain, which is strongly split by lengthy mountain ranges with steep slopes. To go to Meo Vac, we'll pass via the Ma Pi Leng Pass, which is known as Vietnam's "King of Passes." The breathtaking view of towering limestone mountains stretching to the horizon and the lyrical Nho Que river winding from afar will wow you when riding over this route. Nothing can adequately convey the mountain's layers upon layers, mile upon mile, the depths of the abyss, and the beauty of the green river at its foothills. You'll feel as if you're standing in the midst of the sky with the magnificent sights. Continue on to Meo Vac along twisty roads. Various ethnic groups, such as the Tay, Kinh, Dzao, H'mong, and others, live in this area. They maintain a rural lifestyle and a long-standing culture while being unaffected by the contemporary world. Leaving Meo Vac, our team took QL4B, then turned left onto QL34 and continued straight till late afternoon when they arrived at Bao Lac town. Finish a fantastic riding day on the road with supper and a stay at a nearby hotel.


Continue southeast from Bao Lac to reach Cao Bang City. It's a long trip, but the scenery along the route is breathtaking. Our motorcycle tour’s crew will have to navigate many twisty pass routes today, which have attracted a large number of motorcyclists who have come to investigate. The view here is made more lyrical by the mountains rising in the sea of clouds, as well as the fog that covers the trees on both sides and valleys. This route is a wonderful choice for those who enjoy the spectacular grandeur of mountain ranges and want to have amazing riding experiences with the North Vietnam motorcycle tour. It is not a difficult route, but there are several blind turns to be aware of while riding a motorcycle. We can make several stops along the route to snap photographs of the lovely scenery to remember this trip. We'll arrive in Cao Bang late in the afternoon, have supper, and spend the night in a comfortable hotel to prepare for the next exciting journey.


The 6th day's tour will begin in Cao Bang City and end in Ban Gioc Waterfall, one of Vietnam's most magnificent natural sites. Ban Gioc is the biggest waterfall in Southeast Asia, and it is located on the border between Vietnam and China. It rushes down from a height of 53 meters through the limestone floors, producing big and tiny cascades of water and flinging a coating of sediment. The pristine surface of Quay Son river, lighting mountains and clouds, lies at the foot of the waterfall. Green fields of Tay and Nung people who have lived in Ban Gioc hamlet for a long time along the riverbank. 

The best method to see the Ban Gioc Waterfall is to board a bamboo raft and let the boatman guide you through it.

It's impossible to believe how beautiful it is! We continue riding to Quang Uyen, a quiet town of Nung An people, after a hard day of exploring Ban Gioc Waterfall. Dinner and an overnight stay with a local family will allow you to discover more about their everyday lives.


Our destination today is Lang Son, a peaceful province in Vietnam's northeastern area that has not just beautiful natural scenery but also a plethora of busy marketplaces. To go to Lang Son, we use the famed historical Highway 4. Our group will travel through Dong Khe town along the route, where the Battle of Route Coloniale 4 took place during the First Indochina War. We arrive in Lang Son in the afternoon, where you will have a late lunch before spending the rest of the day seeing this beautiful city. Lang Son is known as a significant commercial hub between China and Vietnam, with several big marketplaces such as Dong Kinh, Ky Lua, and others where you can buy a wide range of distinctive items at affordable rates. After a hard day of riding, spend the night in a motel in Lang Son.


Today will be an easy journey back to Hanoi as we travel over the new Highway 1B. You may sleep in a bit later or go shopping in the early morning at Dong Kinh market. Then we'll return to the hotel, collect our belongings, and get back on the road to Hanoi. Hopefully, we will arrive in Hanoi before rush hour, allowing us to recuperate after our long travel. The tour has come to an end.


Tour for individual group: 200 USD / Day

Tour for 2 people: 150 USD / Day / Person

Tour for 3 people: 140 USD / Day / Person

Tour for groups of 4-10 people: 130 USD / Day / Person

A few words regarding the trip's cost, The cost of the trip is determined by the number of people who have signed up for the tour, the type of vehicle you rent, and the time of year, i.e. during tourist season. Because, according to the law of supply and demand, the price will be somewhat higher during peak tourist season, but the rise will not be considerable.

All information about our 8-day motorbike tour in North Vietnam from Hanoi to Lang Son through Ha Giang itinerary is listed above. Also, for more details as well as other trips you can visit our website Vietnammotorbiketour.com or call us via hotline +84985333066. We are very pleased to serve you. 

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