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10-day amazing North Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Ba Be

Taking a 10-day North Vietnam motorbike tour from Hanoi to Ba Be, You will get the opportunity to enjoy the raw beauty of Mai Chau, Sapa, Ha Giang, as well as tranquil villages hidden behind bamboo groves, on your way from Hanoi to Ba Be Lake. After each pause, remember to take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh air while listening to the sounds of nature.

Detailed Agenda


Mai Chau Valley is one of Northern Vietnam's most picturesque valleys, approximately 150 kilometers from Hanoi. Rather than using the freeway, we took a minor road that was lined with rivers and rice fields on both sides. Enjoying some off-road tracks while appreciating nature will never tire you. The trip will finish about 5 p.m. on the first day of this North Vietnam motorcycle tour. Have supper and stay one night in the Thai ethnic's home to recharge your batteries before the long trip tomorrow.


We eat breakfast with Thai ethnic's traditional food and spend some time strolling around to appreciate the beauty of nature and get some fresh air on a calm morning in Mai Chau. We leave Mai Chau at 9 a.m. and travel on rough roads to Moc Chau. Despite the small distance, you will have a lot of fun going off-road and will have the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful scenery. It should arrive in Phu Yen about 5:30 p.m. We'll have lunch and spend the night in this tranquil rural setting.


After saying our goodbyes to Phu Yen after breakfast, we drive 200 kilometers to Than Uyen via a rather difficult mountain route. Any cyclist will find the road to Than Uyen to be a true challenge. But, in the end, you get what you pay for. You will enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful mountains and golden terraced farms from the summit of Mu Cang Chai.  The breathtaking scenery here will definitely make you forget the fatigue soon.


The crew will cycle through Hong Lien today, where they will be able to glimpse Fansipan, Indochina's tallest peak. Fansipan is known as "the roof of Indochina" because of its elevation of 3143 meters above sea level. All year long, at the summit of the Hong Lien mountain range, you may enjoy a panoramic view of beautiful mountains blanketed in fog. Let's tackle O Quy Ho Pass, one of northern Vietnam's four most difficult yet beautiful crossings. Stop for a bit to soak in the scenery and snap some photos. We'll arrive in Sapa at about midday. After lunch, ride around Sapa to enjoy the beauty of hill tribal communities hidden behind bamboo trees.


After breakfast, we will leave Sapa town and follow a short road through the Dao village to Lao Cai city. If you visit between June and September, you will be able to marvel at the spectacular natural beauty of the vast golden terraced fields. We'll stop for lunch in Lao Cai before continuing our motorbike tour to Bac Ha, a rural area in Lao Cai Province in Vietnam's northeast, at an elevation of 1000 meters above sea level. When traversing zigzag passes and off-road paths, the journey to Bac Ha is particularly difficult. In Xin Man, a hilly region in Ha Giang province, we will have supper and spend the night.


We decided to bike from Xin Man to Ha Giang on a little dirt road today. By crossing small streams, rough mountain routes, and overcoming obstacles, you will be able to demonstrate your motorbike riding abilities. When the even roads arrive, the last half of the route to Ha Giang is very smooth. Around 4:30 p.m, it is scheduled to arrive in Ha Giang. Take a break and eat dinner in a city hotel to refuel your energies for tomorrow's motorcycle tour to Meo Vac.


Today we head to Ha Giang by riding through the majestic rocky plateaus near the Chinese border. The best thing you can not miss when coming to Ha Giang is to conquer Ma Pi Leng, one of the most beautiful and legendary mountain passes of Vietnam. Spend some time admiring the scenery from Ma Pi Leng Pass, you will be truly impressed with the beauty of nature here. Apart from the spectacular scenery, Ha Giang also attracts many tourists to explore the unique culture of ethnic minorities living near the border area. Apart from the magnificent landscape, Ha Giang also draws a large number of visitors who want to learn about the distinctive culture of ethnic minorities that live along the border. At approximately 4 p.m., we will arrive in Meo Vac. After supper, take a leisurely stroll around this lovely town and sample some street cuisine.


Cao Bang is a low plateau that has seen numerous changes in history, including the Vietnamese people's resistance against French colonialism. Today will be a magnificent day, a day of historical imprints. During the Vietnam War, President Ho Chi Minh lived at this house. We may stop at various ethnic Dao villages where the Hand and Dao reside and see some local marketplaces or the lovely and tranquil landscape of the hilly area in Cao Bang during the Northeast Vietnam Motorbike tour.

Today's motorbike tour from Meo Vac to High Bang is nearly all on road, with some spectacular mountain passes along the way. We'll arrive in the High State early, check into a hotel, rest to preserve energy for the long rides ahead, or drink a local beer on the street.


A pleasant day for tourists; the roads are smooth and free of problems, and the environment is stunning with its ancient woods. Ba Be Lake is Vietnam's largest freshwater lake and one of the world's hundred largest freshwater lakes. About 200 million years ago, the lake was formed by geological tectonic plates, which resulted in limestone mountains rising in the middle of the lake, creating a magnificent scenery. We arrive about 4 p.m. and sit on the boats of locals to take in the beauty of the lake.


The last day of the 10-day Vietnam motorbike tour is supposed to be a lengthy ride to North Vietnam. Our off-road motorbike crew will drive through rural districts around the Red River delta on their way back to Hanoi. You'll be able to witness fields of maize and rice being grown, as well as traditional handicraft communities and fishing towns.

Although a long day of riding may tire you out, it is still an immensely thrilling day to ride. The closer we go to the city, the busier it appears. Before 5:00 a.m., we should arrive in Hanoi.


Tour for individual group: 200 USD / Day

Tour for 2 people: 150 USD / Day / Person

Tour for 3 people: 140 USD / Day / Person

Tour for groups of 4-10 people: 130 USD / Day / Person

A few words regarding the trip's cost, The cost of the trip is determined by the number of people who have signed up for the tour, the type of vehicle you rent, and the time of year, i.e. during tourist season. Because, according to the law of supply and demand, the price will be somewhat higher during peak tourist season, but the rise will not be considerable.

Above is all information about the 10-day amazing North Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Ba Be that our company provides. If you have any questions, you can contact us via this hotline +84985333066 or visit our website Vietnammotorbiketour.com for more information. Thanks for taking the time to read.

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